Film ID:
NEFA 22084



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A 30 second television advertisement for Vaux Breweries filmed at The Queen public house in Hartlepool where young ‘Vaux fans and beat fans’ enjoy pints of Vaux Beer while watching local pop group ‘The Hartbeats’ performing on stage. The advertisement features ITV sports commentator Kent Walton.

The advertisement begins outside on the pub sign for the ‘The Queen Hartlepool’. Inside the hands of a member of the local pop group The Hartbeats strums an electric guitar. Sitting around a small table five young women clap in unison to the music. On stage another member of The Heartbeats plays his guitar beside a microphone.

Behind the bar a pint of Vaux Draft and Double Maxim are pulled from hand pumps. The film cuts to show Kent Walton standing over a young woman offering her a piece of paper.

On the dance floor a young couple dance along to the band performing on stage while holding pints of Vaux.

The advertisement ends on a tankard of beer with the Vaux logo on the front and male voices singing “Vaux beer brewed in the North by people who love good beer”.