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NEFA 22087



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A 30 second television advertisement for Vaux Breweries filmed at the Middlesbrough Co-Operative Club. Following a montage of sporting activities taking place at the club, ITV sports commentator Kent Walton watches the reigning snooker champion at the Co-Op snooker club Dennis Robertson take a shot at a snooker table. The advert ends with the two men at the bar enjoying a pint of Vaux beer.

The film begins with an archer pulling back and shooting an arrow from a bow. Three men stand in the background watching as the arrow hits a target. The film cuts to show another man pumping iron with a pair of dumbbells and two figures playing a game of table tennis.

Title: Dennis Robertson

Leaning over a snooker table at the Middlesbrough Co-Operative Club Dennis Robertson takes a shot. Standing in the background at the bar the small crowd includes Kent Walton.

Dennis comes over to the bar and stands beside Kent. With pints of Vaux beer in their hands they give a toast and take a gulp from their glass.

At the snooker table another player takes a shot followed by a second man taking a drink from his pint.

The advertisement ends on a tankard of beer with the Vaux logo on the front and male voices singing “Vaux beer brewed in the North by people who love good beer”.