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NEFA 22085



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A 30 second television advertisement for Vaux Breweries filmed at The Fairfield public house at Stockton-on-Tees featuring both English professional wrestler Jackie Pallo and ITV sports commentator Kent Walton helping with a delivery of beer to the pubs modern conditioned cellar.

The advertisements begins on the livery for ‘Vaux Brewery, Sunderland’ printed on the door of a delivery lorry parked outside The Fairfield public house at Stockton-on-Tees. Kent Walton and Jackie Pallo, wearing a shiny suit, walks over to the lorry and Jackie attempts to lift one of the beer barrels from the back. Failing, he looks over and smiles at Kent as one of the delivery men comes over.

The film cuts to show the pub’s sign standing nearby and then back to Kent watching Jackie lower a barrel into the cellar by rope.

Down in the cellar Kent and Jackie take pints of Vaux beer from a tray, raise their glasses and takes a sip. Close up on Jackie taking a drink.

The advertisement ends on a tankard of beer with the Vaux logo on the front and male voices singing “Vaux beer brewed in the North by people who love good beer”.