Film ID:
NEFA 22089



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A 30 second television advertisement for Vaux Breweries filmed at The Continental Hotel, Sunderland. Inside at the hotel bar ITV sports commentator Kent Walton enjoys pints of beer with local musicians David MacBeth and Helen Russell alongside other patrons.

The advertisements opens on an exterior view of the entrance of the Continental Hotel in Sunderland.

The film cuts inside where Kent Walton stands at the bar next to Helen Russell chatting. They both turn and look across the busy lounge to David MacBeth who sits at a nearby table. They stick their thumbs up at each other in acknowledgement.

The film cuts back to Helen Russell at the bar followed by a young woman holding a pint of Vaux and taking a drink. Behind the bar a pint of Vaux is pulled from a tap, then the film cuts to David MacBeth drinking his pint.

A young couple sit at one of the bar's tables, the young woman takes a drink from her pint.

The advertisement ends on a tankard of beer with the Vaux logo on the front and male voices singing “Vaux beer brewed in the North by people who love good beer”.