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NEFA 22088



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A 30 second television advertisement for Vaux Breweries filmed at the Beresford Arms, Whalton near Morpeth in Northumberland where Newcastle Evening Chronicle reporter Roy Maddison enjoys a pint of Vaux Beer with ITV sports commentator Kent Walton. The two men go outside and offer a pint of beer to the leader of the local hunt watching over his dogs.

The film opens on the pub sign for the Beresford Arms Inn at Whalton. Outside the entrance stands a small crowd plus a pack of hunting dogs. A man, the leader of a local hunt, pats one of the animals.

Title: Roy Maddison Evening Chronicle Newcastle

Inside Roy Maddison stands at the bar and is joined by Kent Walton. The film cuts to show a bottle of Vaux Light Brown being opened and poured into a glass. Roy smiles as he is offered the pint and takes a drink. Roy and Kent turn and leave the bar.

Outside views of the dogs seen previously plus the leader of the hunt being offered a pint by Kent and Roy. Views of both Roy and the second man taking gulps from their beers.

The advertisement ends on a tankard of beer with the Vaux logo on the front and male voices singing “Vaux beer brewed in the North by people who love good beer”.