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YFA 1994



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This is a collection of various short films from the Ibberson collection and includes footage of a holiday in Scotland as well as brief scenes of a football match at Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield.

1929 - The opening shots are of a Scottish holiday. The film opens with shots of the countryside. People pose near a house. One of the men wears a kilt. Next, there is a man who stands on a rocky beach. It is a very windy, cloudy day. The man waves at the camera, and there are shots of the river which runs into the lake. There are more scenic shots of the countryside before moving onto Glasgow city centre. A Great Western Road double-decker bus passes buy, and there are shots of the city centre skyline taken from an elevated position.

1932 - The next portion of film briefly shows cows and sheep grazing in fields.

1936 - This part of the film includes Scottish landscapes and shots of a small village. There is a car stopped on a bridge in the middle of the village. A group of people make their way walking through the hills and stopping at a wooden fence. Next, a man shears a sheep. At first it appears to be just him, but the next shot reveals that there is a long barn with many farmhands who are responsible for sheep shearing. Finally, people walk down a country lane and over a small bridge built over a stream.

1929 - A man stands near a car parked along the side of the road. He opens a bottle of beer and pours part of it into a glass. There are shots of the wooded area nearby. Next there are people walking along a boardwalk and on a rocky beach. It is a very windy day, and everyone is bundled up in coats. At a large hotel, some of the guests wave to the cameraman from a window. Later they are on the boardwalk again, and some of the m stop to take a break sitting on a bench. There is a shot of the long pier, and some of the people make a joke for the camera. There are good examples of '20s fashions.

1937 - Mr. and Mrs. Ibberson are on a pedalo at the seaside. They row in the water. This is followed by a family scene in a garden where a little boy plays in a pond with a ball. He also pushes a small wheel barrow and plays with a dog. Next are more scenes on the beach. The beach is full of holidaymakers in deck chairs, and there are many beach tents.

1944 - A group of men, possibly Master Cutlers, walk around a large country house and gardens. In the next scene (colour film stock), there are some men and a small girl in a garden. One of the men is dressed in military uniform. Outside the garden, many of the men are seen coming out of an air raid shelter.

1932 - A group of men, possibly Master Cutlers, march through the streets of Sheffield. They are dressed in suits and wear top hats. The Cole Brothers shop can be seen in the background. This is followed by a brief scene of two women playing golf.

1929 - There is a brief close-up of a man who is in the middle of chewing some food, and the same man can be seen at Hillsborough Football Stadium. There are shots of men in the stands, many of them smoking, and most of them dressed in coats and hats. The players maker their way onto the football pitch, and there is some footage of the match taken from ground level. The stadium is full to capacity, and only one advertising board is seen for OXO. Police on horseback patrol the grounds in order to control the crowds as they disperse after the game.