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YFA 4510



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This is a film of events at the Yew Lane Community Centre in Grenoside, Sheffield including a variety show, a social evening of dancing, a football match, a flower and vegetable show and a Gala Day.

The film starts with some young girls on a stage floor doing a dance routine, followed by a comedy act with men dressed as women, one with a blonde wig mock shaving the other. This is followed by some men and women in colourful dresses with parasols. The women are dancing and men singing, one as a black and white minstrel. The men and women pair up, still singing. Lastly, four girls wearing aprons and tiaras do a singing routine before the whole stage fills up with singers.

Intertitle - Youth section, Halloween Dance

A hall is full of men and women dancing, doing many different styles of dance.

Intertitle - Yew Lane Community Centre Social Evening, February 15th.

A group of parents and children are gathered in a classroom. A man holds up a baby, with children playing games, one looking like shove h'penny. People are sitting in the classroom in lines, possibly to watch a film being projected. The film then switches to a ballroom where adults and young people are dancing, some dressed up, including two men dressed as women.

Intertitle - YLDCA Football Club

A youth football match is in progress, with one team wearing West Ham colours and the other Wolverhampton Wanderers colours.

Intertitle - Flower and Vegetable Show

A vegetable and fruit show is taking place in a large room lined with clothing, which are also on sale.

Intertitle - Gala Day

Various events are taking place in a school field, including some sports and a strong man show. There is a playground area for children with swings, and a children's fancy dress competition.