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This film is made up of two parts, the first being the wedding of Mike Shepherd-Cross and Molly Smeeton at Hovingham Hall, and the second being a foreign tour of Italy and Greece. The film was made by Col. Sir William Arthington Worsley of Hovingham, 4th Baronet. He was also a cricketer who captained Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1928 and 1929 and captured cricket events on film as well as life and events in and around Hovingham village.

Title-Events of the Year 1938

Title-February 1938. Sweeton Shepherd-Cross.

The film opens with a bride and groom walking down a path towards the camera. It is the wedding of Mike Shepherd-Cross and Molly Smeeton. They are followed by a large crowd of people who have attended the wedding. They all turn and walk into Hovingham Hall. The bridal party pose on some steps in front of the house.

Title-On the rocks the destroyer `Walrus' goes ashore in North Bay Scarborough in the February gales 1938.

The next portion of the film shows the large ship on the rocks. The hull, the port and starboard sides can be seen as well as the mangled propeller.

Title-The Propeller

Title-That Leviathan

Following this there are brief scenes showing a field being ploughed by a tilling machine. There are shots of the workings of the machine.

Title-A travel switch Greece to Palestine, Italy to London.

The next portion of a film involves a trip to Greece on a Hellenic Cruise.

Title-Athens, the Areopagus

In Athens the great monuments such as the Acropolis and Pantheon can be seen as many tourists wander around the city.

Title-The Propylae

At the temple ruins, there are many columns, and tourists wander around them taking photographs.

Title-The Parthenon

There are lingering shots of the impressive ruins.


Shots from a hill overlooking a town with a large mountain in the background.

Title-The Island of Thasos

At the small village of Thasos, residents are shown in traditional Greek dress before a traditional folk dance takes place. This is followed by shots of the village and crowds gathered in the town square.

Title-Native Costumes

Some young women are wearing the costumes and smile at the camera.

Title-At the Damascus Gate

Some locals walk in and out of the stone gate.

Title-Rome-The Arch of Titus

There are shots of the arch with Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II visible in the background.

Title-Rome-The Arch of Constantine in the Via del Imperio.

There is a shot of it with the Roman Forum visible in the background. The next shots are taken from a moving vehicle and show some rural landscapes and hills.

Title-The castle in the evening light.

There is a shot of some hills and landscape taken from the vehicle. Also seen is a gate in the town. .

Title-The Etruscan gate at Volterra

There is a big, stone castle with a gate leading into it.

Title-Let's go to London.

At Pall Mall, a policeman is directing the busy traffic. There are shots of Piccadilly, a theatre, and lots of traffic including cars, buses and horses and carts.

Title-Gliding at Sutton Bank.

The film closes at Sutton Bank and shows some of the gliders in the air.