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This film shows the Worsley children and their cousins growing up together during the 1930s. It also includes rare footage of the girls who live at St. Stephen's Orphanage in York. The film was made by Col. Sir William Arthington Worsley of Hovingham, 4th Baronet. He was also a cricketer who captained Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1928 and 1929 and captured cricket events on film as well as life and events in and around Hovingham village.

Title - The Colegates Grow Up- a Hovingham memory from 1930. The intervals between the years are indicated by a short period of darkness.

Title - Hovingham Spring 1930.

The film opens showing the Worsleys and the Colegates coming out of the Hall with their nannies. They go onto the lawn and start to play together. They run around and also dance to the nursery rhyme 'ring o ring o roses.' There are many close ups of the children, particularly the toddlers, who smile at the camera.

Title-Joy and John.

The two toddlers run along beside a wall.

Title - 1931 A Group on the Sands

The children, now slightly older, stand in a line, hand in hand at the shallows of a beach. They all paddle together.

At the grounds at Hovingham, a slow motion static shot shows some of the girls dancing and jumping up and down. This is followed by the children having a running race across the lawn in slow motion. Back running at normal speed, the children have a wheelbarrow race together.

The final part of this sequence shows the children horse riding across the grounds. The youngest children are on ponies whilst the older ones are on horses. They canter along before posing as a group and smiling for the camera. One of the ponies gets agitated and keeps bumping into one of the nannies.

The next few shots are of the children a few years older.

Title - A Worsley Colegate Comparison What Five Years Can Do 1933-1938.

Title-1933. On April 10 the Colegates came for Easter.

On the lawn the group of children sit together and smile. The oldest boy, Marcus, holds a small baby, Katherine.


The oldest girl is now a young woman, and she sits on a bench. She is joined one by one by the other children who have all grown including the baby who sits at the front.

Title- The Zoo in 1937

Shots from the trip to the zoo include tigers, penguins, polar bears and brown bears, camels, elephants and parrots.

Title-SSO 1939

There is a shot of one side of York Minster and one of the gates.

Title-St. Stephen's Orphanage.

Some of the girls are hiding behind wooden cut outs of the seven dwarves. One by one the reveal themselves and smile for the camera.

Title - For nearly 70 years St. Stephen's has given a home to children who have no home of their own.

A nurse walks down the path with a little girl.

Title-Come along in and meet the mother and two of the youngest children.

Two nurses and a nun, Mother Marshall, walk into the garden hand-in-hand with young toddlers.

Title-back from school.

Some older girls, dressed in smart red pinafores, return from school. A few sit on a bench with Mother Marshall, and others stand behind them and they all smile for the camera.

Title - Children learn to be useful

Title-My knitting's blue

The girls take part in a variety of household chores from knitting to polishing shoes, to scrubbing steps and windows.

Title-I love scrubbing steps

Each one smiles as the filmmaker shows them carrying out their task.

Title - St Stephens is in urgent need of funds- will YOU help?

The film closes with some final shots of the girls playing together on some swings and hiding behind the seven dwarf's cut-outs before image of York city walls.

Title-The End.