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This film documents a Royal visit to Hovingham, a family trip to the coast, and various cricket matches in the village. The film was made by Col. Sir William Arthington Worsley of Hovingham, 4th Baronet. He was also a cricketer who captained Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1928 and 1929 and captured cricket events on film as well as life and events in and around Hovingham village.

Title-HRH Duke of Kent Visits Hovingham.

In the grounds of the Hall, the Duke talks to the guests present for the day. Men also play a bowls match.

Title-R.H.A. at Hovingham.

There is a shot of some covered vehicles on the grounds.

Title-Hovingham at wartime. Armistice Day 1939

A service man leaves a wreath at a monument which is surrounded by a priest and altar boys. There is a short sequence showing a military march.

Title - Wartime at Hovingham.

Title-7th Duke of Wellington's Regiment Church Parade

A military parade, led by drummers and a brass band, goes through the village of Hovingham. They enter Hovingham Hall Riding School for a church service. After the service, the parade marches down a road. The Senior Officer stands to one side and salutes the soldiers as they pass. They in turn look to him and salute. They enter the Riding School again, and this time it has been laid out as a dining where the soldiers sit down for a meal.


The next portion of the film consists of extensive shots of Whitby harbour and the boats that are moored there.

Title - Scarborough Easter 1937

There is a trip to a resort in Scarborough. Bridget Worsley and her children, dressed in smart clothes, stand on the harbour pier and look to the boats. One of the boys puts a beret on his younger sister's head. Large waves crash up over the railings on the pier.

Title - Parents Match at Ludgrove 1938

There is a man dressed in cricket whites, striped blazers, and cap (W. A. Worsley and headmaster A.J. Barber). They stand by the cricket pavilion and chat before the match. The parents then take the field to play cricket.

Title-Parents in the field

The players take to the field.

Title-Marcus goes in.

He walks onto the pitch with his cricket bat.

Title-The tea interval

A tea on the lawn follows, and the Worsley children sit on the grass while having their refreshments.

Title-Ludgrove takes the field

A young boys team plays cricket.

Title-Exit W.A.W.

One of the men leaves the pitch.