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NEFA 14600



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A series of home movie produced by Ruth Jacobson between 1938 and 1940 that focuses on her daughters, Valerie and Pamela, in their first few months of life. The girls are introduced to various family members and close friends at home in Newcastle.

The film opens on a nurse holding baby Valerie Jacobson. This is followed by the child walking into the garden of the Jacobson's family home at Gosforth, Newcastle.

Valerie is held by her parents Ruth and Lionel Jacobson who pose for the camera. There are various views of Ruth Jacobson and nurse interacting with the baby. The nurse puts the Valerie into a pram.  Valerie looks up at the camera from the pram as it gently rocked. The nurse takes Valerie from the pram and holds a rattle in her other hand. Valerie smiles at the rattle and holds it in her hand. Ruth Jacobson hold Valerie shaking the rattle in front of the child's face. Lionel Jacobson holds a camera and prepares to take a photograph of Valerie who is being held by the nurse. 

The film changes to show Valerie now aged 6 months old. She is sitting up in a pram in a garden. A woman holds a small teddy bear that is on a elastic cord in front of Valerie. In a garden two couples, identified as Vivienne and Jonas and Ruth and Lionel Jacobson, sun bath in deck chairs and  play around together. Jonas and Lionel smoke cigarettes.  Ruth and Lionel say their goodbyes to Vivienne and Jonas who leave by car. [This sequence is out of focus].

The film changes to show Valerie crawling and playing with toys on a blanket in a garden. She crawls towards camera. [This sequence is out of focus]

[Colour]  General view of Ruth Jacobson holding baby Pamela  Valerie wearing a bonnet and holding a teddy bear plays in the garden. Valarie stands next to a seated Ruth who is holding Pamela on her knee.  Ruth puts Pamela into a pram as Valerie runs towards camera.  Ruth and Lionel plays with Valerie in the garden.

The film changes to show Pamela, now a toddler, wearing a white cardigan .Valerie and Pamela stand together next to their nanny in the driveway of their home. Valerie takes a doll from her pram and holds it in her arms while Pamela sits on nannie's knee. Valerie kisses Pamela who is now sitting on a small chair being held in place by the nanny. She waves at the camera,

[B&W] General view of Pamela sitting up in a pram in the driveway of the house. An older man and woman, identified as Grandma and Grandpa Cohen, stands next to and play with Pamela. Grandpa Cohen holds Pamela in his arms while Grandma Cohen brushes his hair. A younger woman holds Pamela in her arms,  Pamela is holding a hair brush.

Valerie playing with her dolls on the lawn of the family garden. Grandma Jacobson takes off her coat and cardigan. She sits in a chair as the nanny helps Pamela to walk. Pamela sits on Grandma Jacobson's knee while Valerie stands beside her. Grandma Jacobson holds Pamela on her knee. The film end with the nanny holding Valerie in the air.