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NEFA 14606



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A home movie made by Ruth Jacobson of her family between 1953 and 1954. The film shows daughter Valerie with friends on holiday in Bamburgh in Northumberland as well as scenes of the family at home in Gosforth, Newcastle playing with their pets (including their dog Beano). The final section of the film shows various scenes around Central Park in New York City during a trip to the United States of America in 1954.

Title: Valerie at Bamburgh, 1953

The film begins with a skyline at night. A daylight scene shows two young women in bathing costumes packing suitcases. General views of sand dunes are followed by one of the women is wearing a blue top posing for the camera near the beach. The sea can be seen in the background. An older woman comes out of a white caravan followed by six young women all in bathing costumes. They all run through the sand dunes towards the beach. Another woman in a blue dress walks across the dunes. The film shows the women swimming in the sea followed by them coming out of the water and running back up the sand dunes. The group sit on the dunes eating a picnic.

Title: Beano as Baby, 1954

A young woman holds a small puppy dog in her arms. Around her stand a group of young women all pat the dog.

Title: Beano Grown, Timmy, Family at Home.

The film shows the same dog as above now much older playing with a woman and a yellow ball on a garden lawn. A boy holds a black cat, which later walks through a flowerbed. A girl wearing white is holding a camera. A man in glasses sits in a sits in a garden chair in front of a large house. The boy stands next to him and they are both look towards the sky. The dog is lying on the concrete patio. The boy and the man then have their photograph taken by the girl in white. A woman puts a pair of sunglasses on the man's head. This is followed by a woman in a blue dress playing with the dog on the lawn.

Title: To USA – Queen Elizabeth

A view from the deck of ship with large funnels in the background followed by passengers playing games. There is a view of a quayside and dock, possibly Southampton. Men unload boxes from a lorry onto the ship. More people stand on the quayside watching as the ship departs.

Title: Views of New York

Views of Central Park and the surrounding skyline seen from the observation deck or upper floor of a tall building. In the distance there is Columbus Circus and a large Coca Cola billboard. Traffic can be seen travelling through Central Park.

Title: Central Park

From inside Central Park the film shows various views of the surrounding buildings: a grey squirrel drinking from a pond followed by a woman in a smart suite with yellow corsage putting on gloves. The film shows Central Park Skating Ring with people skating. Children play on swings and slides. A Sea Lion swims in a pool followed by a female tiger in her cage. There is a man selling balloons followed by a view outside the Essex House Hotel. The film ends with another view of the New York skyline as seen from the upper floor of an unknown building.