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YFA 4590



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This film documents part of the 11th Annual Convention of the United Stated Junior Chamber of Commerce at which three members from Sheffield were in attendance, including W. G. Ibberson. The film includes scenes of New York in 1930 as well as SS Adriatic and Sikorsky Amphibian. Some of the footage is also included in "New York From The River," another film in the Ibberson Collection.

Title - In 1930 also, Great Britain was represented for the first time at the 11th Annual Convention of the United States J.C.C's, at Brooklyn, by three members of the Sheffield J.C. - Hyman Stone, Frank J. Kershaw, and W.G. Ibberson

The three Sheffield members stand speaking in a garden on a sunny day. Mr. Ibberson playfully fixes another man's tie. This is followed by shots of the New York skyline.

Title - The 11th Annual Convention of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce 1930. At the Leverich Towers Hotel, Brooklyn

There is a sign hanging outside the front of the hotel advertising the convention, and a crowd of people is gathered near the entranceway.

Title - The delegates were privileged to visit the Battleship "Wyoming" in the U.S. Navy Yard

The delegates, many of whom wear hats, make their way along the dock to see the huge ship. They then board the ship and tour around. There are shots of the ship taken on board as well as from the dock. A biplane is also aboard the ship, and navy personnel can be seen. Other ships are docked in the harbour, and the buildings of Brooklyn can be seen in the background.

Title - Kershaw was the last but one to leave the ship

Mr. Kershaw, all by himself, walks along the deck of the ship and back down to the dock.

Title - New York from the River

The buildings of Manhattan can be seen as the tour boat makes its way down the Hudson River. Smoke rises from many of the chimneys, and there are other boats on the river as well.

Title - The Junior Chamber trip up the Hudson River. SS Adriatic in dock

There is a brief shot of the boat.

Title - The Great New Hudson River suspension bridge under construction.

This title is followed by shots of the bridge, mid construction. There are further shots of the river and riverside land and houses.

Title - Henry M. Lutz of San Antonio, Texas wore Mexican costume.

There is a shot of Mr. Lutz, dressed in full Mexican costume, standing on the deck of the boat. Nearby other passengers can also be seen. Following this is more footage of the scenic views as they make their way along the river.

Title - The British Delegation with a Brooklynite

Four men, including Mr. Ibberson, walk up a path near the river.

Title - The Convention Group at West Point

Men and women are gathered together in a large group on the lawns of West Point where they pose for a photograph. After which, many of them walk around the grounds.

Title - A window cleaner on a skyscraper.

A man cleans the windows of the skyscraper. He is attached to the building by a harness, and the cameraman looks down to emphasize how high up the man is.

Title - Through the late Air Vice-Marshall Sir Sefton Brankers' Introduction a flight over New York was arranged in a Sikorsky Amphibian

Five men stand next to the Sikorsky Amphibian. Some of the men hold briefcases. Other planes can be seen on land before the plane comes in off the water onto the runway. A few men help to push it into position, and there is a shot of the pilot. Members of the JCC board the plane, and then it makes its way back onto the water before taking flight. There is aerial footage of New York City and the surrounding area.

Title - approaching Newark N.J.

Next is aerial footage of the countryside and the plane comes into land. There is then footage taken in the hangers at the airport in New Jersey. The plane then takes off again, and there is footage taken from the passenger window. This is followed by more aerial footage of Newark and New York. The plane lands back on the water in New York, and there is footage of the plane's cockpit.

Title - The R. 100 Over Toronto

The blimp, the R. 100 flies over Toronto. It can be seen next to the tall city buildings helping to relate the sheer size of the blimp.

Title - The Departure from Montreal

The film ends with a large group of people stand on the docks and hold ribbons which are attached to a boat.