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NEFA 8520



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A short film by the Billingham Film Unit documenting the unveiling and dedication of the Billingham War Memorial, on a windy Sunday, 3rd July 1949.

Title: Billingham Film Unit presents

Title: The Unveiling and Dedication of the Billingham War Memorial Sunday 3rd July 1949

Overhead shots of a Union Jack flying atop a mast, crowds of people congregating in stands in front of the ICI Headquarters at Chilton House on Chiltons Avenue. Military platoons march into the grounds, and past the cenotaph. Combined Cadet Forces (CCF) march around the memorial.

Dignitaries walk out to their seats in front of the stand of seats.

Overhead shots of clergymen standing in front of the war memorial, which is draped in a Union Jack flag. Religious and civic adresses take place beside the memorial, the ICI Billingham Nitro-Chalk tower in the background.

Speeches at the memorial are intercut with shots of the military regiments and general crowd in attendance.

The memorial is unveiled and the dedication service takes place.

The Union Jack is placed at half mast.

A line of military buglers play. Overhead shot of the military band playing.

Various shots then depict the different military regiments marching past the memorial and saluting.

Dignitaries lay wreaths at the memorial.

The spectators then leave their seats in the stands and gather around the memorial.

Title: The End

Note: The ICI Billingham war memorial was situated in front of Chilton House on Chiltons Avenue. When Chilton House was demolished the memorial was relocated to the memorial garden on Station Road.