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YFA 2004



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From the Ibberson family collection, this film documents the visit of a Westland helicopter to Sheffield, the installation of the Master Cutler, and a visit to see HMS Sheffield in Portsmouth.

Colour - The beginning of the film is a record of the visit of a Westland helicopter to Sheffield and an air display. The film opens with shots of the helicopter which is on a sports field near a housing estate. The Ibberson boys are nearby, and one of them is taken for a short flight. The helicopter lands, and the Mr. and Mrs. Ibberson stand with the Lord Mayor and Mayoress. They pose for pictures next to the helicopter before getting in and taking flight. There is footage taking from the trip over the city. Unfortunately this section is under exposed and very dark. As the helicopter returns to the field, the huge crowd of spectators who have gathered can be seen. The two couples disembark and shake hands before the helicopter lifts off again.

A Gloucester Meteor jet overlies the field before there is a demonstration of an ejector seat. This is followed by more shots of the air display which is mixed with a gymnastic display, all under exposed. It is a very cloudy and overcast day.

Black and White - Men, dressed in formal wear, are seated at a long table where they are eating dinner. Servants can be seen in the background. This dinner is part of the festivities held for the installation of the Master Cutler in Sheffield, 1954. On a stage, the Master Cutler receives his chain of office from Mr. Ibberson, and there a few men make speeches during the event.

Colour - The men then process out of Cutlers' Hall. As they process out into the streets of Sheffield, trams can be seen in the background. The Cutlers are all in morning suits, and the mace is carried in front.

The final section records a trip to see HMS Sheffield in Portsmouth. The group board a passenger plane and take off, with airborne shots.

Title - HMS Victory

The Ibbersons visit the docks and board HMS Sheffield. The party walk round the decks to tour the boat. There are shots of the tour party and crew members on deck in the afternoon light. The film closes as Mrs. Ibberson speaks to the Capitan of the ship, the sign Sheffield in the background.