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YFA 2003



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Part of the Ibberson Collection, this film documents the wedding reception held for William Ibberson and his wife Jo in 1934. The film features footage of the outdoor reception as well as the couple's honeymoon in Londonderry.

Title - We are delighted and honoured to have our old friend, Sir Henry Coward, to conduct the Longstone Choral Society. "Come let us join the roundelay And sing the jocund time away"

The film opens with Sir Henry Coward conducting the Longstone Choral Society at the Ibberson's wedding reception. They are in a marquee, and there are close-ups of Sir Henry and the singers.

Title - Mrs. Goodwin takes the beer box "in notes of sweetest melody"

Mrs. Goodwin then conducts the choir. It is then onto the wedding reception, and the bride and groom are seated at a table along with members of their wedding party. The camera pans round the marquee, and the guests and waitresses can be seen.

Title - "The bride will now cut the cake"

The newlyweds, along with the best man standing nearby, cut the tiered wedding cade. They then make their way back to their seats.

Title - Uncle Tod proposes our health, and we make lengthy replies.

Uncle Tod proposes a toast, the guests drink a toast, and then the groom and bride both give speeches.

Title - Professor Graham Simpson thanks Mummy and Daddy, and Daddy responds.

There are more clips of speeches, including Professor Simpson.

Title - Clifford, the best of the best men and the perfect telegram reader.

There is a shot of Clifford reading a telegram to the guests.

Title - Pops replies to the toast of The Bridegroom's Parents.

There is a brief shot of Mr. Ibberson (senior).

Title - "Happy we, happy we-"

The choir sing again at the end of the meal.

Title- John is presented with a lorry for his valuable services as a train-bearer.

A little boy is given a large model lorry for carrying the bride's train. A few other children who are in attendance come and join him to play with his lorry.

Title - Lenses Unleashed

Many of the guests are gathered around and take pictures. The official photographer is also there, and he takes pictures of the newlyweds. The bride then poses by herself, and then the wedding party gathers or a few pictures.

Title - Spying out the land

Mr. Ibberson waves from the top window of the house.

Title - Running the gauntlet

The guests shower the newlyweds with confetti as they get into their car.

Title - Well away

The car makes its way down a country lane.

Title - Adieus

There are brief scenes of some of the guests who are still at the wedding reception. They mingle in the garden.

Title - Sunday morning. Newton House Hotel, Londonderry

In front of the country hotel, the new bride walks towards the camera. The newlyweds then sit and kiss on a bench in the hotel gardens.

Title - Keswick Hotel

The grounds of Keswick Hotel are shown before scenes of the nearby lake. Jo makes her way around the water. There are small jetties with moored boats. This is followed by footage of the lake taken from a boat.

Title - Grassmere - Wordsworth's Cottage

At Grassmere and Wordsworth cottage, Mrs. Ibberson makes her way through the front garden of the cottage. There are exterior views of the cottage as well as footage of the local town streets.

Title - Yo-Oh Heave Ho!

Mr. Ibberson then rows a boat on the lake. They couple then walk along the banks of the lake, both taking turns holding and twirling a parasol. The final shots are of the surrounding hills.