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YFA 2002



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Part of the Ibberson family collection, this film documents different events in summer, 1959 including a school cricket match, and rowing race in York, and different scout camps.

The film opens with a brief scene of the Ibbersons picnicking by the roadside.

Title - Commemoration, St Peter's School, York 25th July, 1959 School vs O.P. Cricket Match

Spectators sit on wooden chairs, some underneath tents, around the cricket pitch. Following this is footage of the cricket match.

Title - "Chuff"

A man rides a bike down a back country lane. He is followed by spectators who disperse after the end of the match.

Title - The School 1st VIII Charles str. Beat O.P. VIII by ? l.

There is a rowing race which takes place on the Ouse.

Title - O.P. 2nd VIII John at 4

There are shots of the boat, and the boys load the boat into the river. Spectators have gathered to watch the race, and many of them line the embankment. One of the boats pulls into dock, and there are shots of the Ibberson boys. This is followed by a short clip which shows marquees on the sports field with army cadets marching. Pupils and parents have gathered around, and many of them have tea.

Title - Home Show, 3rd August

There is a country event with hills in the background. Here, horse riding and sheep dog trials take place.

Title - Westbourne Scout Camp at Walesby. 7th August

Tents have been set up, and there are many young scouts at the camp. Parents and other family members have come to visit them. The scouts show off some ingenious handiwork for storing food and a wash bowl stand. There are more general shots of the camp which is very well organised. In the middle of the camp is a log on which there is an inscription: The law of this camp is Scout Law. This scene closes with some of the scouts preparing food for the evening meal.

Title - Charlie off to Denmark 15th August.

Charles walks down the front drive. He is dressed in a sailor's uniform.

Title - Diesel Assistance?

This is followed by a young man on a bike with a small motor fitted.

Title - 29th Montgomery Scout Camp at Coverham 18th August.

More scouting footage, some nice shots of boys covered in mud putting on war paint. There follows a ritual where these young painted scouts pay homage to scout leaders dressed in cloaks. This section ends with more general shots of the camp.

Title - Bamburgh 20th August

There is a long shot of the castle from the top of the village. A woman and a dog walk by the sea wall, and Mrs. Ibberson and her friends walk near the water.

Title - Holy Island

There are general shots of the island and Lindisfarne priory. Following this is footage taken from the front of a car as they make their way to the coast. Once at the beach, the family takes some time to relax and play.

Title - The Farne Islands

The film closes with footage taken of the islands from a boat trip. There are shots of seals, seabirds and the islands themselves.