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YFA 2000



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This film contains a selection of scenes taken by the Bruce family in the 1930s. Many scenes feature their young baby girl at their home in Huddersfield, enjoying the local area and being taken on picnics and farm yard outings. The reel also contains a brief snippet of a wedding, and trips including a sea voyage and an excursion to Blackpool.

The film opens with the Bruce's baby sitting on a mat and then in a pushchair. The baby's mother pushes her towards the camera, before there are shots of sheep and lambs in a field. Two women then hold either of the babies arms as they walk towards the camera, after which there are more shots of the mother pushing the baby in the pram down various paths.

An LMS passenger steam train pulls out of a station, and a woman waves a handkerchief from one of the windows as the carriage passes. The baby, now slight older - a toddler perhaps - is then watched by her mother as she walks unsteadily across the grass and falls over. Views of a friendly game of tennis are captured; men and women, wearing quite formal clothing; including one woman, who wears a thick wool cardigan, knock the ball to between each other, with the filmmaker paying particular attention to their individual strokes.

The next sequence opens with views of the mother carrying her baby around the banks of a river, before the next shot shows the baby in a pram, while her mother waits for a farmer to herd a flock of sheep through a gate. The filmmaker then gets a close up of the farmer, who wears a flat cap and nods genially to the camera. The sheep and the farmer then wonder off down the path, which is surrounded by dense foliage.

A wedding scene is briefly captured; the bride, who is dressed in an understated white dress, hurriedly walks with groom down a church path, hopping into their wedding car under a hail of confetti. More people leave the church grounds with confetti being thrown by well-wishers in formal attire. A picnic scene follows, with under exposed shots showing people snacking on food and drinking from bottles, while the baby rests on her mother's knee.

In a darkened room, a dental technician works on a set of false teeth before a dentist fits an anaesthetic mask to a man.

An older man, quite possibly the Bruce's daughter's grandfather, holds the young girl up to the camera, before setting her down on the pavement and letting her waddle towards the camera. A brief view shows images of residential housing taken from a moving car in a relatively affluent area. The final shot in this sequence shows a man wearing a suit and trilby standing proudly by a motorcar.

The opening shots in this sequence show a steam boat docked quayside in a large port. On board a boat, the filmmaker captures shot of a man wearing a flat cap untying the vessels rope, while other people on the dock, including men, women and children, wave goodbye. As the boat passes through the port, there are views of different vessels that include a transportation barge, cargo ships and large cruise liners. Views show a multitude of cranes on land, as they pass a slightly dilapidated cruise liner.

As we reach the sea there are many boats and ferries, including some paddle steamers. Views capture the unidentified oblique landscape from the boat. A band, complete with a pianist and accompanying violinist, play on deck, while passengers sit on benches listening. The final shot in this sequence shows the flag at the stern of the boat, with other vessels scattered along the horizon.

Family scenes show the little girl picking flours in a lush flower bed, before running around in woodland area - closely followed by her mother. Inside the house, her mother wheels her around on a cart.

Another picnic scene shows a woman gnawing on a chicken leg. In a slightly bizarre clip, a man finds a suspender belt in the woods and, returning to the picnic group, suggesting it belongs to one of the women.

In Blackpool, women with coats and hats walk along the promenade with the pier and tower in the background. From a moving tram, the filmmaker captures some of the grand buildings along the main drag, which have signs that read, 'Midget town - The Wonder Worlitzer', 'Tower circus', 'Aquarium', 'Children's ballet' and 'Menagerie'.

The tram continues along the shore front, capturing people walking along the promenade, and a building with a windmill on the roof with a sign that reads, 'Blackpool musical festival'; there are also cars and horse carts that travel the street and some views of the architecture. A shot then captures a sign that reads, 'Pleasure beach amusement park'. There are then views on the big dipper and an exhibit area with a synthetic waterfall.

Along a deserted street, the little girl runs along with the road holding a stuffed bear, while her mother runs alongside with the pushchair. In the next scene the little girl pushes the bear around in a toy push chair. Shots then show the little girl trudging through the snow; her mother gently throws a snowball at her, and she tries encouraging the little girl to throw one back, but the little girl doesn't manage to get any distance.

The next scene shows a shot taken from a second floor window as a man and two women, who each have impeccably styled hair, walk down a garden path towards the house. They knock on the front door and another man greets them, shaking the man's hand. Shots then show the little girl getting lots of attention from the new arrivals, and further views capture her walking down various country paths. On a train, the little girl sits on her mother's, reading papers on together.

Family scenes then show the little girl playing in the snow and at a farm playing with pigs and rabbits. Shots then capture the family home decorated with balloons, Christmas trees and other festive ornaments. The filmmaker shows a brief sequence of a model locomotive running across a track set out on the floor. A dinner table has been lavishly laid out for Christmas dinner, and the little girl stands on a chair, looking down at it. The film concludes in a garden with adults and children dancing in a circle.