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YFA 1369



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This reel is made up of two films.  The first film shows a Battalion of the York & Lancaster Regiment marching through streets, possibly Sheffield, and up to where they are stationed.  The second part shows the York & Lancaster Regiment handing over control of an area in Suez to a Danish UN peace keeping force in 1956.  This is possibly outtakes from a BBC news broadcast with Robin Day, running at 24 fps and with combined optical sound.

Part one begins with troops marching through a street.  The parade is led by two policemen on horseback and a military band.  The troops are divided into different sections, all wearing the same badge on their hats, watched by crowds on the pavement.  The film switches to show the march from another vantage point, near ‘Jaeger House’ before it comes to an end.

The second film begins with British troops clearing a single track railway line, blocked by barbed wire, to allow a train to pass carrying troops. The train stops and the troops disembark and line up in the open country. They form a human chain to unload wooden crates, containing bazooka rounds, from the train.  The troops are wearing round helmets and have white cross insignias on their sleeves, some carrying bazookas.  Some of the troops take up positions in trenches at the side of the line.  There is a break before we see a group of soldiers, wearing black flat caps, gathered around a minister singing a hymn, and bow their heads as they listen to the Lord’s Prayer.