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This is a film about the history of the University of Leeds and an appeal for donations to improve its facilities in the future.

Title - The Yorkshire University of Leeds - A message to all Yorkshire Men and Women.
Title - Photographed by the Scala Cameraman.
Title - The University of Leeds began as a Yorkshire College in 1874. It obtained its Royal Charter as an independent University in 1904.

There is a shot of the University buildings which show ornate brickwork and large perpendicular style windows. A man and woman walk along the front of the building and through a gated archway. Crowds of students are gathering outside the building above.

Title - It is a now a great University with a world wide reputation. Observe its development in the past 50 years.

Cartoon figures show the growth in students from 24 in 1875, to 187 in 1903, to 1435 in 1924/5. Similarly the numbers of professors and lecturers increase from 3 in 1874, to 99 in 1903, to 270 in 1925.

Title - The University now consists of 40 departments all pre-eminent in teaching and research. Here are a few of them
Title - The textile industries acknowledge the great services of Leeds University Textile Department.

Inside is a room full of weaving machines and other textile industrial machines.

Title - One of the best equipped, and the most comprehensive in the world.

Some of the machines are seen in use.

Title - The colour chemistry and dyeing departments have achieved great fame for their teaching and research.

Students and lecturers are working in the laboratories. Most of the students are men.

Title - The Leeds Medical School trains doctors and nurses to preserve the health of Yorkshire - its reputation is second to none.

The film shows exterior shots of the School.

Title - The County of Broad Acres owes much to the Leeds University Agricultural Department at Leeds and Garforth.

There are exterior shots of buildings with large kitchen gardens. There are carts and haystacks, and a man and two women feed chickens. The man shows off one of the chickens to the camera.

Title - First day of session registration for students. "Bazaar".

Students are registering in a large hall, and there is a close up of a group gathered around the mathematics stand.

Title - Here are the finished products: - Doctors, Lawyers Teachers, Engineers, Chemists, etc.

There is a large still photograph of the graduating class.

Title - Graduates of the University of Leeds hold important appointments in all parts of the world.

There is a brief shot of a spinning globe.

Title - Leeds and Yorkshire trades benefit from the consequences.

Brief shot factories and general industrial scenes.

Title - The students of the University of Leeds are your sons and daughters from the elementary school.

One of the local schools is featured and includes scenes of the children playing on the playground and posing for the camera. There are a few close up shots of children's faces.

Title - Through the secondary school

Pupils are at work at another local school, and the secondary students pose for the camera.

Title - They stream to the University of Leeds.
Title - Yorkshire supplies eighty-two per cent of the students, one third of these came from Leeds.

A large crowd of students is gathered for the camera, and some of the students raise a man up above the crowd.

Title - The University of Leeds is thus the possession of the County of Yorkshire and therefore claims the support of Yorkshire men and women.
Title - You have every reason to be proud of your University; Pay a visit! See what it does! and How it does it!|

Title - The University of Leeds was built for 600 students, it now has more than twice that number, causing great overcrowding.

Groups of students are crowding into one of the buildings.

Title - Temporary buildings, totally inadequate and unsuited for the great departments of Geography, Physical Chemistry and that great subject Mathematics.

There are shots of temporary wooden buildings.

Title - The Botany department is housed in several different places, including attics and cellars.

Students are at work in cramped surroundings.

Title - Many other departments are temporarily housed in unsuitable private houses.

Students are entering typical terraced housing.

Title - English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Economics, Geology, Law, Physics, etc., etc.
Title - The famous Sir William Bragg did great work in the physics department which is carried on in a temporary building.

There are both interior and exterior shots of the building in question.

Title - The very important mining department has outgrown its accommodation.
Title - All these departments need modern and spacious buildings such as those being erected for the Agricultural Department.

The film shows the new buildings under construction.

Title - The Library is the nerve centre of a University - its brain. Here are the libraries of Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol.

The film features shots of each of the three libraries.

Title - This is all we have.

The camera cuts to both interior and exterior shots of the University Library.

Title - The University does everything possible for its students. Here is the women's hostel at "Weetwood Hall" and the men's hostel at "Devonshire Hall".

There are exterior shots of both residencies.

Title - But more are needed, so that all students away from home can enjoy real University life.

Title - The students of the University of Leeds stand high in sports, athletics and games and all phases of University life. This is Leeds University Union.

A man is cleaning the windows of the Union building which is in a terrace of houses.

Title - They too, deserve a club like this.
Title - and college buildings like these -

The film then reverts back to comparisons with Oxford and Cambridge facilities.

Title - The land for buildings exist.

There is a large, empty field within distance of the University. This would be the site for the halls of residence. The building plan is also shown for the central sites.

Title - Will you help to erect this noble edifice?
Title - You can send a donation - large or small - to the University of Leeds.
Title - Send your scrap silver, old gold, jewellery, etc., to the Central Depot, Town Hall, Leeds.
Title - You can take tickets for the Yorkshire Newspapers Sports Ballot, 31, Bond Street, Leeds.
Title - Men and women of Leeds and of Yorkshire, help to make the University worthy of its great tasks, worthy of its great achievements, worthy of your great County.
Title - The End.