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YFA 1810



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This is one of many travelogue films made by amateur filmmaker Laurie Wright. Using intertitles, the films shows many of the interesting sights of Ullswater at a time before mass tourism.

Title - An Argoth Production
Intertitle - Lakeland the walkers paradise
A rambler in a kilt walks across a moor towards the camera.

Title - Lake Ullswater, the English Lucerne

The lake and the surrounding trees are shown close up and from various vantage points. A tourist boat is out on the lake. The film is then taken from on board the boat, which comes into dock.

Intertitle - Tucked away in the hills lies the hamlet of Seldom Seen

A group of houses lies in a valley.

Intertitle - High Street Fells from Sticks Pass, above Seldom Seen

From high up a small lake can be seen nestling in the mountains.

Intertitle - High Street (2718) Roman Road from the port of Ravenglass to Carlisle

The road is shown with a group of black horses grazing on it.

Intertitle - Angle Tarn, one of many such sheets of water among the fells

The Tarn is shown, with a rambler sitting down by the water's edge. He starts to take off his boots and is then swimming in the water.

Intertitle - Here is another place near Patterdale

There is another small body of water, possibly a river.

Intertitle - Following the Lakeland stream to its source is a fascinating pastime . . .

The river flows under a bridge over which passes a car.

Intertitle - . . . so let us see where Hayeswater Gill leads us

The river flows by a farm and under an old stone bridge, then down a waterfall and over some rapids. Several streams run down the side of a mountain and flow into one another to make a large waterfall.