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NEFA 21931



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A home movie made by David Williams begins with a visit to the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire in 1966. The film changes to show the family in a garden with his wife Rosemary playing with a group of small children. Christmas celebrations in 1965  follow which includes a visiting African family and a model railway. A visit to Lindisfarne or Holy Island comes next with views from a car crossing the causeway and the family walking around the island and looking at rock pools. While on the island they see signs advising visitors that Roman Polanski's film ‘Cul-De-Sac’ is currently in production there. The final part of the film shows the family visiting High Force waterfall near Middleton-in-Teesside in County Durham.

The film opens on a woman and small child walking along a country road. General views show a knotted tree and yellow flowers growing in a wood.

The film cuts to show sheep and lambs in a field followed by a partial view of the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire. A road sign points towards White Horse Hill and a second sign beside it reads ‘No Entry’.

An Ford Anglia estate car is parked in the road (Reg: EUP 296B), a number of people can be seen inside. The film cuts to show a view along a country road with a large Tudor style house at the far end. Off the road a group stands beside a stone wall. A car drives along the road and a family group look over the wall at a stream or river flowing past.

In a garden a woman helps a number of small children down a set of steep steps. The film cuts to a toddler followed by the woman who is holding the hands of some of the small children seen previously as they come rushing along a garden path past a vegetable patch. An older girl follows behind riding a scooter.

A general view of distant houses and a number of gasholders cuts to show the children standing behind a fence waving at the camera. The children smile, posing for the camera the film cuts to show the woman speaking with the person behind the camera.

Sitting in a box in the garden the children play along with the woman as she rubs her hands together and waves her arms in the air. They stamp their feet together before waving their arms around again.

Two women and a small boy look around the garden. The film then cuts to a man with a camera taking a photograph of the person behind the camera.

A view of the children still seated the garden box changes to show the women walking through the garden and being shown various plants and flowers by an older man.

The film changes to show a cut-out Nativity scene followed by a number of Christmas cards hanging around a patio door and around a living room. A view follows of a three decorative candles on a cabinet.

On the floor beside a Christmas tree, a woman unwraps a torch, turns it on and shines the light into the camera lens. The film cuts to a man sitting next to the Christmas tree next to a smartly dressed boy and girl. The man appears to be trying to attach a nutcracker to the torch. A brief view of the girl holding a doll.

A pair of hands help to balance a standing black toddler, a boy in the background plays with his toy gun. The black child sits on the knee of a white woman, a black man sits in the chair next to them. He wipes the nose of the toddler.

A view of the toddler and girl is followed by a black woman sitting in a chair in front of a television set.

The film cuts to show a Christmas cake and other food laid out on a table and the boy, wearing a paper crown, eating a sandwich. The others sits around the table in their paper hats enjoying the meal.

On the living room floor a number of children play a game of snakes and ladders. Sitting nearby a woman uses a cracker to open a nut and then accepts a cup of tea. A small girl takes a cup of tea to man sitting in a chair by the fire. General views follow of the children and adults playing with a train-set on the floor with views of the model trains travelling at speed through a tunnel and around a circular track.

The film cuts to show general views of Alnwick Castle and a RAC road sign for Alnwick. Another road sign points towards Beal Station and Holy Island 5 miles away.

A general view of the Holy Island Causeway danger sign warns drivers that the causeway may not be fordable during certain times. The camera pans to the right to show a car reversing back along the road away from the causeway.

A view of another danger sign, this time advising drivers to consult tidal times, the film cuts to a phantom car ride along the causeway onto Holy Island. The film cuts to show a Ford Popular driving along the causeway past a large sandbank followed by another shaky phantom car ride along the causeway with another car overtaking.

A general view of Lindisfarne Castle is followed by a woman and two small children walking along the shoreline. From a distance a view shows Lindisfarne Priory and the village of Lindisfarne as well as a number of small boats on the water. Another view of the castle is followed by the woman and children throwing stones into the sea and looking at creatures living amongst the rocks.

A wooden sign reads ‘Cul-De-Sac Film Unit’, in the background Lindisfarne Castle. A view of a parked red Mini car is followed by a view of the Lindisfarne Lifeboat station in the distance.

The film changes to show a traditional shed made from half an upturned boat cuts to show a car with horsebox driving along a track beneath the battlements of Lindisfarne Castle. A view of the limekilns near the castle cuts to Lindisfarne village and a man standing beside an open door of a red Mini. Along the street in the background walks a group of seven smartly dressed men and women, possibly part of the Cul-De-Sac film crew, the red Mini drives away.

The woman and two children walk along a path followed by a view of the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory. The film cuts to the seashore where the boy plays while his mother and sister sit nearby. The boy poses on the rocks with Lindisfarne Castle in the background.

A family group walks along a riverbank near to a stone bridge then cross it. The man with two small children looks out at the river. General views show the river with flowers growing along the shoreline.

The film cuts to a phantom car ride along a road through a rural valley following a rocky river. A stone road sign reads ‘County of Durham’. A family walks along a pathway leading to High Force waterfall near Middleton-in-Teesdale. General views show the crowds looking up at the waterfall from below and looking down from the top. A pathway sign reads ‘To the Falls’.

Title: Wearhead Summer 1965

Title: High Force Summer

The film ends with various general views of plants and flowers growing in a wood.