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NEFA 10763



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A Tyne Tees Television news report from the Tyneside Summer Exhibition at Exhibtion Park in Newcastle. Reporter Phil McDonnell guides us round the sights and sounds of the fairground and exhibits on show.

The report opens with a general view of a crowded fairground with marquees on either side of a public walkway. Masks are for sale on a novelty gift stall. A close up shot of colourful miniature windmills follows and as the camera pulls back we see other toys and novelties on display. A flower seller shouts the merits of his merchandise. The film cuts to a stall sign which reads 'Maureens Home Made Fudge'.

The Lord Mayors coach and horses pass by. The horses are in full harness, and the driver and co-driver are in eighteenth century style costume. As the coach passes, the Lord Mayor and others in the carriage wave to the crowds.

Phil McDonnell speaks to camera. He describes the scene at the exhibition and the attractions visitors are likely to see. He calls the whole site as a 'mini - town' complete with businesses and bars and its own telephone boxes. The film cuts to a shot of a sheep farmer herding two sheep with the help of his dog. Phil McDonnell, continues his list of attractions. A 'Great Gavioli' organ is fully lit and playing a tune.

A shot of a finely crafted leather saddle which belongs to a Sheriff Danny Arnold from Texas follows. Phil McDonnell interviews the sheriiff who is running a wild west exhibition and acting as an ambassador for prospective Texas business ventures on Tyneside.

An actor wears a Rupert bear costume poses with children for photographs. Some children are reluctant to pose with the 'bear'.

The film cuts to exhibition visitors walking down one of the thoroughfares. In the background a sign reads 'Boats and Trailers'

Two boys with fishing nets try to catch fish in Exhibition Park lake. The camera pans right to show a small speedboat being put through its paces. The film cuts back to the two boys fishing. They watch the speedboat as it speeds past.

The next shots show signs on some of the exhibition stands, including 'Fastest Housewife in the Northeast', 'Great Sausage Eating Contest', 'Carnival'. Again, the 'Great Gavioli' organ plays.

Phil McDonnell sums up the sights and sounds of the exhibition and ends the film by saluting the event with a half pint of beer.