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NEFA 21968



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An amateur film recording the stone laying ceremony for the Tynemouth Technical School on Preston Road in North Shields on the 26th February 1958. The film begins with general views of the school under construction followed by the arrival of dignitaries as well as a group of school boys onto the snowy site. There is a short dedication service by a priest followed by the stone being officially put into position by the Mayor of Tynemouth, Councillor A.R. Vella. A second man makes a speech and followed by everyone leaving. The film ends on a view of the stone inscription.

Title: Stone Laying Ceremony

Title: Tynemouth Technical School

Title: 26th Feb 1958

The film opens on a view of a building site and a number of large steel and concrete framed buildings under construction. General views show men working on the roof and within the structure of a building.

The film cuts to show a couple and a second woman standing in the entrance of a partially completed building. Looking down from an upper floor views of men, women and a small group of school boys arrive on the snowy building site and make their way to where the ceremony will take place. In the background traffic continues to travel along Beach Road and around the roundabout.

A small crowd assembles in a partially completed building including the Mayor of Tynemouth, Councillor A.R. Vella. Another man in religious vestments stands beside the ceremonial stone and makes a speech to the assembled crowd.

A number of workers use a rope pulley system to manoeuvre the stone into position and the Mayor taps it into its final position.

A second man speaks to the crowd followed by views of people leaving.

The film ends on a view of the inscription on the ceremonial stone that reads ‘This Stone was laid 26th February 1958 by Councillor A.R. Vella Mayor of Tynemouth to Commemorate the Erection of the Tynemouth Technical School’.