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NEFA 22171



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Amateur record of the Tynemouth Swimming Club Gala 12 August, 1933, made by members of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association.

Title: Tynemouth Swimming Club Gala 12 August, 1933

General view of Tynemouth outdoor swimming pool (a seaside lido) at the southern end of Tynemouth Longsands beach, with crowds of people in the stands, relaxing in the sunshine at the local swimming club gala. Medium close-up of a few spectators in the stands, sharing snacks.

Male competitors in one-piece jersey bathing costumes line up at the edge of the pool, diving in one by one for a swimming display. Next, women swimmers compete in the same way.

An official checks his stop watch. Women swimmers swim up to the edge of the pool, touching the side to finish. A group of women swimmers dry off after the race, towels draped over shoulders. Portrait shot of three of the women swimmers. A diving competition takes place between men, the contestants diving first from the side of the lido, then from the diving platform.

Some tanned men and young boys hang out beside the pool, watching the gala events. A tanned woman swimmer is introduced to a guest in the audience by an official, and they shake hands. The swimmer tucks her hair into a swimming cap. A male winner shakes hands with the prize giver. Group portrait of three male prize winners with their awards.

A swimmer gives a display of different swimming techniques, including crawl and other strokes. She is applauded as she climbs out of the pool.

A race is in progress. A team of men pose for a photograph, clutching their prizes, one man with a mantel clock.

Next, some light relief. Some men in costume perform a comedy sketch for the crowd, dressed as a cook, a sailor, Neptune, and a “Rule Britannia”. They get into a rowing boat on the pool named ‘Pansy’, which is towed by three swimmers.