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NEFA 20309



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Amateur record of a trip from Newcastle to Spain and Gibraltar aboard the troop-ship-turned-passenger-ship MS Dunera. The film includes views of river and sea traffic, games aboard the ship, and footage of towns visited on the Iberian Peninsula.  This may have been a trip by children of Pendower Hall Special School, Newcastle.

Title: Newcastle Children’s Department
Title: Presents
Title: From Tyne
Title: To Tagus

Close-up view of a flag imprinted with a silhouette of the M.S Dunera, “British India S.N.C LTD m.s. Dunera”.

Close-up view of an illustrated map of Spain.

A coach pulls out of a garage.

Three women and a man walk up the boarding gangway of a passenger ferry.

Panning view of the ship’s bow-side decks.

Views of river and sea shipping.

Children swim in the ship’s on-deck swimming pool.

Close-up view of a decorative flag, “La Coruna” written on it.

Views of a town centre, streets busy with pedestrian and road traffic. Two policemen or soldiers [possibly Portuguese] walk by.

View of the sea.

People disembark from a coach.

View of a church.

View of the stern of a ship, possibly the MS Dunera.

Folk dancers wearing traditional national dress perform a dance.

Back on board the ship, some of the passengers take part in deck games: hockey, badminton.

Views of the sea as the ship sails.

Passengers take part in a tug-o’-war.

Views of sunbathers relaxing on the ship’s deck.

Close-up view of a decorative flag, “Gibraltar” and some graphics patterned on it. Zooming view to the triangular flag’s tip, which points at the location of Gibraltar on an illustrated map of Spain.

View of the Rock of Gibraltar, the bay and beach, and passing ships and boats.