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NEFA 20513



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A visual record of ships, yachts, and cruise liners leaving the River Tyne, filmed both from the riverbank and aboard a number of ships. The film also includes views of the coastline around Marsden Rock.

A seagull sitting on a rock by the sea flies off.

Panoramic views of the sea and its waves around Marsden Rock. Birds sit on the top of the stack. Views of the tunnel through the stack. Waves crash against a rocky coastline.

At sunset or sunrise, a sailing boat is moored in the river beside a harbour lighthouse. View of the sun low on the horizon, the sky lit orangey-red. Views of cargo and passenger ships.

Title: Arrivals & Sailings

The pilot boat enters the River Tyne from the sea. Travelling shots, by boat, at sea recording ships. Shots aboard the ship Venus, of a ship’s officer in the control room and  the ship’s funnels and deck. Other vessels pass by.

View of a harbour.

Shots of the stern of the Venus and other ships.

Shots on board ship of the ship’s officers, and of the river either side of the bows: a wrecked dredger outside the North pier, and other ships.

Shot of the bow of the ship, The City of Exeter in the mouth of the River Tyne.

Brief shots of and on board an oil tanker.

Aboard another ship, views leaving the River Tyne, and of Tynemouth Priory and of the harbour mouth lighthouses.

A succession of shots of sailing yachts.

View of the sun setting over the cranes of a shipyard.

Shot of the bow of the ship, the Esso Glasgow moored at the dockside; then afloat on the river.

Other ships at sea.

A rope is thrown from one vessel to another.

View of the bow of Caer Urfa.

A giant cruise liner passenger ship, the Southern Star,  leaves the river, followed by other ships at the dockside, leaving the river, and at sea.

Title: The End