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NEFA 21623



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An amateur film produced by Don Nesham of the Cleveland Cine Club and cut to The Beatles 'Twist & Shout' showing a woman in 60's dress dancing beside a wall intercut with various images from popular culture of that period.

Title: Sound in Action

Title: Twist

Title: and

Title: Shout

Title: Twist and Shout

The film begins with a woman in a multi-colour mini dress and beads around her neck dancing beside a wall onto which her shadow is cast.

The film cuts to a montage of photographic images that include a model in a zig-zag dress, Michael Nesmith of The Monkee’s, a man dressed as a Native American and a portrait of George Washington. The word ‘Twist’ is overlaid on some of the images.

Beside the wall, the woman continues to dance to the music with the image changing to red.

A portrait of the Mona Lisa is animated moving to the music cutting to a photograph of an older man. Another montage of images follows including those of models in 60’s mini-dresses and South American tribal men smoking a long pipe.

The woman continues to dance with the baubles in her ears shaking. The film cuts to more montage images showing a man playing a pipe and an Asian woman in make-up and two poodle dogs.

The film ends with a skew-angled view of the woman still dancing to the music, followed by the image of the older man again.

Title: The end.