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YFA 2189



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Made by Brook Motors of Huddersfield, this film shows the advances made in the manufacture of the electric motor.

The film opens with a narrator informing how power was generated in the past. There is footage of a treadmill, a water wheel, a windmill and finally the use of steam power in steam engines. The electric motor has superseded these, and there are examples of electric motors driving different machines. Next is a close up of an original electric motor dated 1904, compared with a modern one which is of course much smaller. Two women demonstrate how stator winding used to be done. This is followed by a demonstration of how it is done now. There are scenes of modern winding techniques and various demonstrations of other improvements in the manufacture of the electric motor.

The film moves on to show how Brook electric motors meet the requirements of different industries, such as a flour mill or quarry where dust and grit require an enclosed motor. This is demonstrated. There are also horse-power motors, motors being slot wired, and motors being coated in aluminium. This is followed by examples of motors being used in various different industries to show the range of motors available, including marine motors on a ship. The film ends with shots of different types of motor.