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NEFA 19271



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Promotional film of the Turners Photo Fair for amateur camera enthusiasts held at the Old Assembly Rooms, Fenkle Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, in May 1963, and filmed by Turners Film Production team on the 6th and 8th May. The film features footage of a largely male audience of amateur photographers and the women modelling on staged set constructions in the exhibition.

Turners were a Newcastle photographic business with stores in Pink Lane and Blackett Street, and a film production team.

Title: Turners Photofair. Old Assembly Rooms. Newcastle upon Tyne. 6th 8th May 1963

The film opens with a still of the full page spread advertising in the Chronicle newspaper for Turners Photo Fair and Turners sales products. A montage of close-ups of black and white adverts and articles for the Photo Fair follow, including an article promoting the Evening Chronicle free entry contest for amateur photographers with prizes of £50, a camera, an advert for the Asahi Pentax SV camera recommended by Turners and articles and photographs of the named models appearing at the fair (two of whom are from Newcastle and Boldon, County Durham).

Title: 5,270 Enthusiasts Attended

A high angle interior shot of the crowds attending the Photo Fair in the Old Assembly Rooms ballroom. The majority of the crowd are men, with occasional women visitors. Next, there is an overhead shot of a female model seated in a room set display. A large group of men congregate in front of the set with their cameras, whilst the crowd move around between exhibits behind them.

The film cuts to various shots of visitors examining Turners photo display boards with examples of their professional photo work. At one stall selling photographic film, two women serve a male customer. The next shot is of a Newcastle Brown and Amber Ales advert. The camera pans left to views of further Turners stalls and advertising boards next to a door with a cinema entrance sign, where a male Turners employee in a suit talks to two male visitors [Note: The cinema entrance sign possibly refers to a shortcut to the Essolda cinema on Westgate Road]. A woman in the crowd is wearing a black and white animal skin fur coat. A general overhead view of the crowd follows.

A frontal shot beyond the heads of a group of male visitors, some holding cameras, focuses on a woman with bouffant hair style reclining in a bubble-filled bath in a bright pink room set. She smiles at the men and wiggles her toes. There is a shot taken from within the bathroom set of the crowd of male amateur photographers as they take photos of the model and adjust their camera settings. Then a Photo Fair male employee stands beside the bath and fluffs up the bubbles instructing the model on poses. Shots of the model smiling and sponging her arm follow.

A table is laid out with information leaflets and a cine projector. Men in Trilby hats and raincoats collect leaflets at the stall. Various shots of a bustling crowd browsing the stalls follow, examining displays of projectors and getting advice from Turners staff. A Turners Photo Fair display of cameras sits in a Mondrian inspired display unit. A man smoking stands with a group of male visitors and points off camera.

A high angle shot features a model in swimwear posing in a specially lit staged room set. The camera pans to the side where a crowd of visitors are photographing or viewing the model. A few smile up at the camera.

There is a portrait shot of four female models in swimwear seated on bales of hay, one with a hay rake, posing in another Photo Fair set.

A Chronicle newspaper article features a photograph and caption of a woman from Boldon who is modelling at the fair. The film cuts to a portrait shot of the model in a fancy bri-nylon nightie against a bright pink background. She smiles and waves. A view of the crowd of male amateur photographers taking pictures follows. The model reclines on single bed in the set. There is a close-up of middle-aged men photographing the model or adjusting their camera settings. A man with a cine camera looks at camera before beginning to shoot. There is a close up of the model’s nightgown as she twirls for the crowd, and another shot of the amateur photographers follows. Again, she lounges on the bed, adopting poses, and blows a kiss to camera.

A newspaper photograph of a Newcastle model working at the Photo Fair follows. The film cuts to a close-up of the female model’s legs. She is dressed in pedal pushers, ballet pumps and bolero top, posed side-saddle on a red scooter. She smiles at the camera and waves. A father holds his camera for his young son to look through. The next shot is filmed through a revolving bicycle wheel as the same model poses on the scooter smiling for photographers. She turns towards the camera, smiles, says a few words and blows a kiss.

Next, there is a low angle shot of a group of four models in swimwear, nightwear and striped black and white pant suit, posed on a balcony. They smile and wave. An overhead shot records the crowd. The camera pans across to the model in striped pants suit posed next to the scooter as a young girl in the staged set points a camera at her. A low angle close-up of some of the male amateur photographers follows. There is a close-up of a middle aged woman in fur coat as she adjusts her camera and takes a photograph.

A model poses on a hay bail and cart wheel set. Another model in 1960s tartan pants suit smiles and waves from the scooter stage set. Various shots of the model posed with scooter are intercut with shots of the all-male amateur photographers taking pictures or staring at the model.

Credit: Filmed by Turners Film Productions. Newcastle upon Tyne. England.

Title: The End