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This amateur film shows the sea trials of the tanker Samuel Ugelstad taking place off the coast of Tynemouth on the 7th & 8th June 1956. As well as views of he ship at sea during the trials, the film includes various views around the ship as well as of the crew and passengers. The ship was built for S. Ugelstads Rederi of Norway by Furness Shipbuilding Co. Ltd at their Haverton Hill yard near Stockton-on-Tees.

Title: T.T. Samuel Ugelstad - Trials - 7 & 8 June 1956

The film opens with a British maritime flag flying from a ships mast. This is followed by a shot of the stern of a ship. Two men and a woman walk down a gangway onto a quay side. On the gangway is written "Fred Olsen Line". General view of a ship at sea.

The film cuts to show the "Samuel Ugelstad" in dry dock. Interior scene aboard the ship including a portrait of a man hanging on the wall, and a writing desk. Views of the anchor and its mechanism follow. Men work the ropes.

General views of the ship travelling down the river Tyne, towards Tynemouth. Men work on the deck of the ship. Two men and a woman in a blue jumper are joined by two men in uniform. We see a view looking down into the wake of the ship as it passes through the water. There is a close up of the face of an older man who is in uniform and smoking a pipe.

Along the shoreline views of houses and dock areas passing by. In the and distance, the Admiral Collingwood monument at Tynemouth. The ship passes the North Pier and heads out to sea.

The film cuts to show the ship turning at sea with views of the propeller swell. The anchor is lowered and men work a winch. The anchor is raised, a shot of the radar mast follows. Additional views from inside the ship showing a stairwell and pipes. Two men are wearing berets, a third man in brown overalls and a cap holds a parrot.

The woman in the blue jumper waves to the camera. The ship turns and passes through rough sea. Tynemouth can be seen in the distance as well as other vessels in the vicinity. The ship is then shown back on the river Tyne heading upstream. Rough seas are shown hitting the Tynemouth sea wall. Another ship is seen being led up the Tyne by a pilot boat. A number of steam ships are shown passing and a small passenger liner is in dock. Another T.T ship is piloted out of dock by four tug boats. The film cuts to show the ship is back in dock, deck railings are rusted. The film end with a man raising the Norwegian flag followed by second man raising smaller flag with the letter "U".