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YFA 1548



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This film features TT Races on the Isle of Man as well as the journey to the island leaving from Liverpool Harbour.

Title - Part 1, June 1928
A Holiday in the Isle of Man
Starting from Liverpool

There are motorbikes being loaded onto the ship while people are gathered standing near the docking office.
A car passes and there is a sign - Stanley Park Lane Rescue Scene Express - Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd.
Different kinds of boats fill the harbour as those make their way onto the ship headed for the Isle of Man.
Title - Doing the knots?
Different parts of the deck can be seen.
Title - landing
Here on the Isle, the ship workers unload the motorbikes onto the docks using a large wooden box lift to take them off the boat.
Title - The Day After
Many seagulls fill the screen, there are people swimming in the ocean, and a woman on the pier. The coastline and beach can be seen in the background.
Title - TT Races etc - 5am practice - Bray Hill
Title - Quarter Bridge
Title - Signpost Corner
Title - Governors Bridge
Title - The Paddock
A huge crowd of spectators has gathered, and the riders can be seen getting ready for the race.
Title - The Timing Box
Title - In Groudle Glen
This portion of the films starts with a mill wheel being turned by the running stream. A man walks across a small bridge, and there is a bit of small train ride.
Title - The Sea Lions
There is a bridge which overlooks the sea lions as well as scenes of waterfalls on a mountainside.
Title - Laxey Wheel
Title - Ruins of Old Lead Mine
Title - Spectators at the weighing in
People are lined up at the different tents set up for the weighing in.
Title - Windy Corner
Additional shots of racing
Title - Craig Ny Baa
Title - Governors Bridge
Title - Watch them judge - Balling Bridge
The film closes with the journey back to Liverpool.