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YFA 4448



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This footage comes from a set of five films which were shot by pupils of Ellerby Lane primary school in Leeds between 1951-1953. This piece contains scenes that the children shot to practise using their camera.

Title - Trying out the Camera (The title features a drawing of a stick figure and a camera.)

There is a large old building with columns. A man walks down its steps towards the camera. Another man on a field, with modern buildings in the background, walks past the camera wearing a stripy scarf.

From above, the camera films a man wearing a shirt and pullover carrying gardening equipment. He walks into a garden smoking a cigarette. He trips over a handle sticking out of the ground and drops his things, including a watering can. The film then cuts to him bending down and using a trowel in the soil. The background now shows that he is on a street of semi-detached houses. He looks at an illustrated card in his hand that says "Barters Tested Seeds. Alyssum New Dwarf Compact". It has the number "2004" printed in the top left corner. Now he lights a pipe with a match. He talks to the camera and then goes back to digging. He makes a note: "The address is 14 Bampbell [he continues to write but it is obscured]".

The following sequence is executed in stop motion. A box of matches (England's Glory) pour onto a table. One by one, they move to arrange themselves into "THE END" and then fall into a line.