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YFA 3913



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This film features a family during their leisure time during which they take many trips. The family visit many beaches, take walks around the countryside and rivers, swim at the outdoor pool, and attend a horse race at Harewood house.

The film opens with the mother, two brothers and sister who are walking along the beach on a windy day. The mother stands next to the father who is sitting on a rock and holding binoculars. The overflowing river has huge waves which crash into the side of the gardens. The rivers have over flown into the surrounding fields, and the waves crash against rocks in the river downstream. Thick clouds surround the mountaintops. Boats which are moored in the bay bob in and out of the water as the waves crash underneath them. Larger waves crash into the sea cliffs. A girl walks past a white stone castle on the top of the sea cliffs.

There are ruins of a church and a graveyard.

The two brothers stand on the riverbank watching the full flowing waterfall. The mother walks towards a large stone monument on the side of a hill which has a large stone rock placed on top of smaller rocks: In loyal remembrance of Robert the Bruce King of Scots. Whose victory in this glen over an English force in March 1307. Opened the campaign of independence which he brought to a decisive close at Bannockburn on 24th June 1314. From the top of a hill, the flooded rivers spill over into the fields. Two cars are driven along the road, past two fields filled with grazing cows (KWT 630 - JAK 941). A boy leans his head out of the window of the red car (JAK 941) as it makes its way down country lanes. The cars pull up outside abbey ruins, and the boy leaning out of the car window takes a pair of binoculars and watches the car behind and the abbey ruins as they drive away.

Stable yards are connected to the large house which is covered with ivy. Behind the house there are many fields. The mother stands in the cow field where she smokes a cigarette. In the distance in front of woodland is a small village.

There are people swimming in a large outdoor swimming pool as others lay on sun loungers at the side of the pool. The two brothers swim in the pool together with their father. The mother watches from the bench at the side of the pool as the father dives into the water. From the lawn at the bottom of the hotel the sea, cliffs, and bay can be seen in the distance. Wearing flippers on his feet, the father swims under water in the outdoor swimming pool. At the side of the pool, the two boys sit with their sister who is putting flippers on her feet. The two brothers dive into the water and race each other to the other side of the pool. The brothers and father climb up the steps to the diving board. One of the boys jumps first. He is followed by the father who, after much hesitation, sits on the diving board and jumps in from a sitting position. Wearing flippers, the girl walks along the side of the pool and gets back into the pool. The other brother tries to jump from the diving board but changes his mind and walks away. The father, sons, and daughter lay on the grass, sunbathing in their swimming suits before they collect their belongings.

Mother and daughter look out over the railings to the rough sea as tourists walk behind them. The family load the car with their belongings, and the father and the boys still have their swimming trunks on underneath their coats. A pair of nuns walks past the father and sons who are setting up their dinghies by the side of the beach. Wearing their swimming costumes, mother and daughter walk along the path. The father and son carry the dinghy from the beach to the car, and after, the family dry off with towels next to their car.

The family walk together in the countryside. The mother, daughter and two boys walk with each other in the field next to the river. One of the boys walks along the riverbank. He carries binoculars with him. The mother and daughter walk across a wooden bridge towards the road, and at the end of the day, the family get into the car parked on the road.

The final scene takes place at Harewood House. In the front of the estate, crowds of people are walking on the lawns. There are also people who ride horses across the field and jump over hurdles. The film closes as crowds of people gather to watch the horses as they race around the course.