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YFA 493



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This film captures the events on a steam ship trip taken by a group of people. The shots include the activities on board the ship and the places that they visit in Norway as well as some footage from a family trip to the seaside.

The film opens with several women sitting in a garden and a man standing in the garden beside them; he waves his hat at the camera. Some other people smile and pose for the camera.

A woman is on the beach hitting a ball with a cricket bat. Then there are shots of three older people sitting on a bench overlooking the sea; they wave at the camera. More cricket shots and this time a man is playing followed by a young boy. In the background there is a building with numerous deck chairs set up outside on the sand.

An elderly couple stand on the side of a road looking away from the camera; in the near background a train is visible. People are sitting in the sunshine all around them. A family group sit on the grass overlooking the sea; they smile and laugh at the camera.

Following this a family of four are sitting against a wall getting ready to swim in the sea. The two adults and two children hold hands and walk into the sea towards the camera. They make faces as they try to get into the cold water. They paddle, splash and eventually swim in the sea. There is a shot from the beach looking up at the buildings on the sea front and then looking at the landscape all around.

A group of women come out of beach huts and walk in a line with their hands on each other's shoulders. They smile at the camera and then put on their swimming caps.

The next scene is a steam ship and there are shots of the deck of the ship and the black smoke coming out of the chimney.

People are playing shuffle board and other games. A woman walks towards the camera smiling; she walks up onto an elevated part of the deck to join some women who are sun bathing in deckchairs. Some young women are playing a game which appears to be Frisbee over a net; a man swims in the pool on the ship.

There are shots of the coast taken from the ship. There are forests, houses with jetties reaching into the water, small row boats and a man swimming in the sea. A few small boats sail into the harbour.

The woman from the previous scene walks along a covered deck towards the camera. This is followed by a man, wearing just a pair of shorts, also walking along the covered deck towards the camera.

The woman is sitting in the dining room looking at the camera. There are waiters in Indian costumes waiting beside the tables. There is a brief shot of the Captain on deck and of three women sunbathing and waving at the camera.

Lots of tables and chairs have been set up on the grounds of a hotel beside the edge of the water, and lots of people from the boat file up the path towards this `restaurant'. There are shots of some of the guests outside at the tables.

There is a brief shot of a baby sitting in the sun with a woman.

Back to the outdoor restaurant and there are many people at the tables looking at the camera. There is a shot from the front of the `Solihogda Hotel' and then two women see the camera, do a little dance and run towards the camera.

Back on the boat a man is swimming in the pool; a woman get into the pool and the both joke about. Following this there are shots of several men and women on deck dressed up in costumes; some of them do a funny dance for the camera.

The final shots include the passengers crowded on deck with their luggage, a brief shot of a sheep and her two lambs, water pouring out of a tunnel into a stream and two birds in a cage.