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YFA 5136



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This is a film of students from Odsal House School for the deaf in Bradford on a trip to Scotland.

The film begins with a bearded teacher, possibly Mr Greenwood, at a blackboard explaining the plan for their trip to Scotland to a class of girls.  They load the school bus, the Variety Club Sunshine Coach, with younger school students and parents looking on. 

They are next in a wooded area next to a river with a sign for ‘Linn of Dee’.   The school children, all wearing kagools, clamber over the rocks at the side of the river.  They then visit Balmoral followed by a visit to an airfield where a light aircraft pulls a glider up into the air, and they watch it land again. 

Then group of chirldren take a walk along the rocky banks of a fast flowing river and arrive at Crathes Castle.  They walk around the grounds of the Castle.  One boy does some Scottish Highland dancing.  

Then they travel on a mountain lift, looking out at the surrounding scenery and reach the top of a mountain taking in the panoramic view.  The children rest on a pile of stones at the top.  They make their way down, part walking, part on lift.  They then visit a coastal resort and go pony trekking.