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YFA 2466



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This is a film of a school trip to Hadrian’s Wall, some film of the family at home and on holiday, and of the Hindenburg airship flying over Silsden village on 30th June 1936.

After a brief bit of film which is either too light or too dark to make out, there is an intertitle. 

Intertitle – School Journey Hadrian’s Wall.
Intertitle – Newcastle the Quayside

The school party of senior boys and girls are led by their teachers along the quay.

Intertitle –The swing bridge opens.

They watch as the bridge swings open to allow a boat to pass.

Intertitle – Climbing to Housesteads (Borcoulium)

The school group gathers around for the camera before moving off across a field.

Intertitle –In the camp

They wander around the camp.

Intertitle –On the wall.

They walk along the top of the wall.

Intertitle – At the mile castle.

The whole school group line up on the wall for the camera.  Some of the group is seated while the others stand.  

Intertitle – Furka Pass, 8,000ft,  the Rhone Glacier, the Grindelwald Glacier.

The camera moves around showing the mountainous valley, arriving at a woman looking out at the snow-capped peaks.  Other members of the holidaying party walk among the rocks.

Intertitle – The ice grotto inside the glacier.

The holidaying party walks through the grotto surveying the terrain.

Intertitle – The gorge of the char (Maningham) and the falls of the char (below Trum[?])[?]

They walk along the footpath that runs along the gorge next to the river.

Intertitle – The Hindenburg over Silsden

The Hindenburg zeppelin is shown flying over the village [30th June 1936]

Intertitle – Graf Spee, Admiral Scheer, Deutschland

The battleship and cruiser can just about be made out at sea.

Intertitle – Michael

A baby boy is crawling across a carpet.  He is then sitting on a chair.

(Dufay Col.)  A bigger boy, of about 4, is now seen in the garden.

(B&W) The boy is now carrying a piece of an electric model railway which his father is putting together, with his mother sitting watching.  Het sets the train on the track and watches as it goes around, shown in close-up.