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YFA 4199



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This film is from a collection of films made by Leeds based filmmaker Jack Goldberg. The collection consists of footage from family holidays, weddings, family food shop located at 80 Street Lane in Leeds, and family activities. As the family are Jewish, there are a lot of interesting insights into the family traditions, foods and religious customs. This film contains footage from a series of events including: a trip that the Goldbergs take to France, the Goldberg's `Modern Grocery Store' in Leeds, a wedding, and family trips to Uffington and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Title-Manchester Airport

There are shots of planes on the runway; they are shot from the airport looking out.

The Goldberg children and two other adults stand outside the airport smiling.

Following this, the camera takes shots of large, stone building in a city centre and then moves around to shoot the entire streetscape. Some adults and children then get into a car and drive away.

A war memorial and a German flag are visited and following this there are shots of the city taken from a height looking down.
An older woman, who is most likely the children's grandmother, looks in a shop window. A sign for `Tabacs Journeaux' is over one of the shops so the family are visiting a French city.
Two young girls are playing tennis in a yard beside a house, and then they are on a balcony with the grandmother and another woman who play with them. There are shots of the girls in different parts of the house playing and then cycling around the yard.

There is a brief shot of some buildings visible on the horizon and then the shot cuts to a group of children, including Malcolm and Lynne Goldberg, playing on a slide and a roundabout.

The adults and children are at an outdoor pool in the sunshine. A young girl is in the water puffing and panting as she swims across the pool and back. The Goldberg children and several others also swim and sit in the sunshine at the side of the pool. One of the children has a buoyancy vest tied around his waist.

There are a lot of people gathered on the steps of an apartment building; they cross the road and walk towards the camera. More shots are taken from a roof looking down onto the town where people wander around and sit in street-side cafes.

There is a shot of a large cathedral at the end of a busy pedestrian street. Following this Malcolm and Lynne walk down the road with some adults; two of them are having a small disagreement. Then one of the women kisses the children goodbye.

The group walk across the tarmac to the aeroplane.

The next scene depicts the Goldberg children in their mid-teens and out for a walk on the mountains with their parents. There is snow all around and they help each other climb up the difficult parts. There are lots of sheep in the fields and they follow the family along a road.

There is a brief shot of birds in a nest in a tree.

The next scene is slightly earlier than the previous one and the children are younger. They are helping some women to set up a stall outside a shop; a sign says that they are trying to raise money for mentally handicapped children.

There are shots from inside the Goldberg's grocery store; they are helping out inside. The camera is positioned at the back of the shop and watches the customers coming and going. Some of the customers are embarrassed when they see the camera. A man pretends to hide things in his coat when he sees the camera.

Outside people are looking through the stall items.

The next scene is a school sports day. Lynne enters the egg and spoon race and a running race. She wins some medals at the presentation ceremony.

There are a few shots of Edith, possibly her mother, and two other women. They are having a walk in the countryside.

Several bridesmaids, flower girls and a bride get into a wedding car. The driver holds an umbrella over them all as it is raining.

The next scene takes place in a car; Edith is sitting in the back of the car and her son, now older, sits in the passenger seat.

They are on the sea in a small boat; the surrounding area and coastline is visible. The son tries several times to start the motor by hand. There is a shot of Jack Goldberg smoking at the back of the boat while his son steers.

A sign reads `The White Horse, Uffington', the plaque gives information about the site.

There are lingering shots of a concord flying in the sky.

The next scene opens with shots of the Bancroft Gardens in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Edith takes a covered boat tour along the river Avon while Jack and Malcolm go out in a row boat. The son rows the boat under some willow leaves and has to row back out again.

The final scene is back in their garden with the toddler. Malcolm and another woman are playing with the little boy. He puts the toddler's hat on his head; the little boy takes it off and gives it to the woman.