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NEFA 21133



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This amateur film records a trip to Whitby for a group of boys from Holy Trinity School, Yarm Lane, Stockton. After some hard physical work the boys at the school are treated to a day out in Whitby. They take a tourist boat out to sea and also visit the abbey. Then after collecting some souvenirs they head home by coach across the moors to Stockton.

[Black and white footage]

The opening section shows a derelict garden surrounded by a high wall. Beyond the wall, a street [Yarm Lane?] where traffic can be seen travelling past. Two men, probably teachers from the school, walk into the frame. Then half a dozen or so schoolboys pick up spades and begin digging over the garden. One of the boys breaks some stones with a sledgehammer, whilst others dig and fork the ground. Another boy trims a hedge with some shears. Two boys attempt to dig a small shrub out of the ground near a wire fence. A teacher chats with the boys. All the boys tug at the shrub in an effort to pull it out of the ground. It gives way suddenly and they all finish flat on their backs. The boys take off their shirts to keep cool as they go about their work. A teacher comes over to a another group of boys to demonstrate digging techniques. Again a group pull another shrub out of the ground, and again they end up flat on their backs.

The film cuts to a woman pushing a pushchair and child up an alleyway towards the camera. A man walks towards them and starts chatting to the child. He then lifts the child out of the pushchair. A close up shows the man [child's father?] holding the child as he tries to encourage her/him to look at the camera. The child eats a biscuit or piece of chocolate and looks at the camera. The man helps the child to take a few steps along the alleyway. Hand in hand with a man and woman (?)he takes some more tentative steps towards the camera.

[colour footage]

A group of coaches line up alongside the kerb outside a school. Groups of schoolboys in uniform supervised by teachers climb on board. The film cuts to one of the  coaches parked up on a country road where the driver is attending to a problem with the engine. Some of the teachers mingle around looking towards the camera.

General view across the town of East Cliff at Whitby: St Mary's Church and Whitby Abbey ruins can clearly be seen. Another brief shot of East Cliff. A small excursion boat is moored at the harbour side. The schoolboys get on board and it then sails off. The boys sit the open deck and look towards the camera, in the background a receding view of Whitby. Other boys look over the side at the wash from the boat. A couple of boys enjoy some bottles of soft drink. Some of the boys sit with their teacher towards the stern of the boat. More shots of wash as the boat progresses through the waves. The film cuts to the skipper in his small cabin or wheelhouse.

Next, back on land, the boys make their way into the Khyber Pass Cafe in Whitby.

General view of Whitby Abbey on East Cliff. Next a shot of a small yacht in the harbour, where a lone seagull sits on a wooden post nearby. The boys cross Whitby's swing bridge. A shot follows of schoolboy' feet making their way up Whitby's famous 199 steps. The steps lead to the top of East Cliff and St. Mary's church and the abbey. The boys continue up the steps towards the camera, the rooftops of Whitby in the background. Next, there is a shot of the clock tower of St Mary's church. The group of school boys walk towards the camera. General view across the rooftops of Whitby. The school group gather outside the abbey.

The boys descend the steps back down to Whitby town. The boys eat ice creams and play with souvenirs they've acquired such as pop guns and small fishing nets. They make their way along a promenade and up some steps. Next, Captain Cook's statue on West Cliff attracts a solitary boy from the group. Walking past the statue, he stares up at it. He is joined by a friend and they both study the statue.

Travelling shot taken from the front of the coach as it drives over the moors, avoiding straggling sheep along the way. The coaches park up in a tree lined street [possibly Norton High Street]. The boys mill about, some find a seat underneath a tree to sit on. They arrive back at the school in Yarm Lane and leave the coaches carrying their toys and souvenirs. In the background a sign just along the street reads 'Maison de Danse' a well known dance hall in Stockton. The film ends with the boys assembling on the pavement just outside Holy Trinity School.