Film ID:
YFA 6325



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This amateur film by Walter Gill records the visit to Hartlepool of Prince Charles and Princess Diana as part of the Teesside tour on March 18th 1987.

The film opens with two policemen talking to each other on a road. One is on a motorcycle wearing protective clotihing the other in standard uniform. The film cuts to a tree lined road as a policewoman makes her way along the road.

Red white and blue bunting blows about in the wind.

A notice board reads: 'Community Enterprise Trust - Woodlands'. A Union Jack flag flies from a flagpole.

Large crowds line a street, waiting eagerly for the royal couple to appear. Decorative flags hang from lamposts. Policemen stand on the road facing the crowds behind the barriers as traffic continues along the road.

Finally the royal cavalcade makes its way along the road cheered along by the crowd.

The film then shows in the distance Princess Diana in a distinctive black and white check coat, going walkabout, and chatting with one of the officials, who introduces her to some repesentatives of the trust, as crowds look on in the background.

The film cuts to show the road with the parked car while the royal couples visit continues. Princess Diana and Prince Charles walk around chatting to people in the yard at the Community Enterprise Trust in Wooler Road, Prince Charles shaking hands with people behind the security barriers. Princess Diana follows and also meets and greets people. Photographers, security men and other officials obscure the view of the couple.

Out on the street, crowds strain to get a view, even as the couple return to their car, a limousine which flies the royal pennant. A security official gets into the passenger door of the car. As it moves off the crowds wave at the royal couple. Princess Diana waves from the car, smiling.

At Edward Hudsons printer and stationers shop, a Union Jack flies proudly from a flag pole. A man and woman have climbed out of a nearby window and stand on the narrow ledge above the doorway to get a better view of events, in another part of the town. The crowds behind metal barriers chat with a policeman.

Bunting criss-crosses the street, a seagull flies in the sky. Other Union Jacks fly in the brisk wind.

Prince Charles makes his way through the throngs of people behind the barrier (very dark). Amateur and professionl photographers take pictures. He waves back at the crowd as he enters a building. This may be the Tokaram Polymers Ltd. factory.

He emrges again accompanied by the mayor. He talks to more of the gathered crowd (quite dark). and waves to crowds on the other side of the street, before returning to his car. The royal motorcade heads off with the crowd waving after him.

The final sequence [reversed on reel as shop signs are backwards] is a portrait shot of Walter Gill's son speaking to camera.