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Amateur promotional film of the national 1935 Travers Trophy cross-country motor trials (also known as Travelers Trophy) organised by Newcastle and District Motor Club, taking place in the North Pennines, Cumbria, in old lead mining country. The riders are on now classic British motorbikes, some with sidecars, and all wear flat caps rather than safety helmets. A few motor cars also tackle the course in this first decade of the competition. This film is part of the Newcastle and District Amateur Cinematographers Association collection.

Title: ACA Presents

Title: The Travers 1935

Title: Organised by Newcastle and District Motor Club

Title: Percy Crosier Hon Secretary

Portrait shot of Percy Crosier in a bowler hat, filling his pipe.

Title: Tommy Ryan Chief Marshall

Portrait shot of Tommy Ryan in a sharp checked jacket and trilby hat.

Title: Blaygill Down! To Make It Easy

Close-up of a course sign at Blaygill: “Observed Section Begins”. A motorcyclist (No. 7) makes his way down the steep, narrow ravine, stopping briefly before fording a muddy pool at the bottom of the trial section. Competitor No. 10 rides through the pool and up a slight incline. A good crowd of spectators watch as more competitors tackle the muddy course. A motorbike with sidecar No. 41 makes his way slowly up the course. The crowd are extremely close to the competitors as another sidecar duo No. 46 rides down the ravine.

Title: Haggs Mine

A crowd of spectators are gathered at the top of the hills at Nentsberry Haggs Mine on the Alston Moor for a tricky, muddy uphill climb. Motorcyclists, some with sidecars, negotiate the twisting course, several pictured using their feet to battle through (and incurring penalty points), sidecar passengers leaning out to take corners. Competitor No. 7 momentarily comes off his bike. A motor car [Reg. no. NK 4019] appears on the climb. Competitors No. 11 and 16 have a successful run on this section. One of the riders falls off and a marshal runs over to help him. One of the sidecars needs a push from a few men after getting stuck along the course. More sidecars struggle to negotiate this point on the climb.

Title: The disputed turnover WATCH!

An accident happens on the Haggs Mine observed section when competitor No. 5, a motorcycle with sidecar, dramatically rolls over and off the track. People rush over to help. 

Title: Raise Head

Various shots record motorcyclists riding quite easily uphill in this stony gill. Competitor No. 20 has a problem and comes off his bike. A number of sidecars tackle the course.

Title: Shield Close

Riders make their way over moorland and cross a stream. Some motorcyclists have trouble and briefly get stuck in the water, needing to get off or use their feet to regain their balance and make it across. Two motorbikes with sidecars ford the stream easily.

Title: A spot of bother

A motorcyclist, competitor No. 6, is fixing his bike on the moors, having broken down.

Title: Velvet Path

Contestants take on another uphill observed section, watched by a big crowd on the hill beside the path, which partly runs along a dry stone wall to a mining site in Stanhope Dean. Sidecars are performing well along this section. Amongst the crowd of spectators, two men in long leather coats are watching the trials. The Velvet Path takes the riders high up on the misty moors. A motorcar, competitor No. 57, drives along the section. 

Title: It’s all over

Riders and observers gather along a road at the end of the trials.

Title: You!

Title: Must

Title: Ride

Title: Next

Title: Year

Title: For particulars apply P. Crosier, 65 Percy Street, Newcastle, or your club Secretary