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NEFA 21699



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An amateur film by Maurice Brunton that shows a number of locations around Middlesbrough. A number of boys appear in the film some from a local Scout troop, others as schoolboys at a local school.

The opening view is filmed on Middlesbrough's Transporter Bridge. Boy scouts find adventure as they walk along the top gangway.

General views show the boys on the Transporter's gondola, enjoying views from the top of the bridge looking down. An overhead shot follows onto a boat moored along the riverside. More views follow of the Transporter Bridge.

The films cuts to show Middlesbrough Town Hall from Victoria Square and the town hall clock, looking north along Albert Road. An 'S' corporation bus travels past.

 Cars are parked along Albert Road next to Victoria Square and buses travel past heading north along Albert Road. Another view of the town hall clock tower follows.

General view of St Mary's Church in Acklam, Middlesbrough, with Acklam Hall in the background. A group of schoolboys come out of the church gates.

General view of the gated entrance to Acklam Hall Secondary School. A sign for the school is attached to one of the pillars. At the school's opposite gate with another notice, which reads 'Middlesbrough Education Committee'. At the rear entrance to the school, the camera pans left to show a group of schoolboys and behind them a wooden hut, possibly the school dining hall. 

A group of  schoolboys stand beside their bicycles, a wooden building in the background, probably taken on the eastern side of the hall. Again on the eastern side of the school, a group of  boys stand next to a tree. The camera pans left to show the south facing facade of Acklam Hall. A flagpole stands in the foreground.

Shots follows of the cenotaph outside Albert Park, Middlesbrough and the gates to Albert Park.

The film cuts to a view inside the park along one of the paths, and of the Henry Bolckow sun dial. A model aeroplane is put through its paces by a man or boy. The plane is tethered to the end of a wire or string, and is being flown in an open area of Albert Park.