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YFA 2536



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The National Coal Board (NCB) Film Unit is one of Britain's most substantial and long-lasting industrial film units. The following is an informative film about the experimentation of a better system to transport men and material within coal pits. The film contains extensive footage of the miners and machinery used in the pits.

Title - Transport of Men and Materials

The film begins in a coal pit highlighting the way in which coal is being transported. There are close-ups of the machines and exterior shots of the mine. The coal needs to be transported quickly and efficiently, and additionally, there is the need for a continuous flow of materials to the pit. With the old method, materials are transferred from tub to tub by the miners. This is dangerous and time-consuming, and some of the miners demonstrate this method. The new way to transport materials to the mine is by the use of a monorail. This new system prevents strenuous labour from the miners as most of the machinery lifts and loads itself and it has better safety features.

Men also are shown climbing up the slippery pathway to the top of the mine. The narrator explains this is dangerous as well as a waste of energy for the hard-working miners. A new method of transport for men is demonstrated as the miners now make their way in and out of the pit by the use of a ski-lift system. The chairs to lift them above, and carry them below, ground.

Outside, a hydraulic pulley system is demonstrated. This is used for both transport of men and materials, mainly the chair lift system to be self-operated. Motorized tractors have also been brought in, and the narrator highlights that this tractor can do as much work in one day as a pony does in a whole week.

New ways to store materials are also shown, the narrator explaining that when packaged in smaller loads, they become easier and safer to transport. The advancements in technology have allowed the mines to cut expenses and look after the safety of the miners.

Title - Full technical details of all the equipment shown in this film, as well as new developments, can be obtained from the Mechanisation and Method Study Engineers.

Title - Director John Fitzgerald
Camera Cyril Arapoff, Edward Tilling, Charles Hagler
Editing Laurel Gemmell
Produced by Kitty Marshall

Title - The End
Made by N.B.C. Film Unit 1965 Recorded on RCA