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YFA 1003



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This is the first half of a two-part film showing various modes of transport, some contemporary to the mid-1970s, others historic.

The film begins with the Title: 'Transport, by Brian Armstrong', put on the side of an old double-decker red bus. The film shows a cavalcade of brightly lit vehicles, lit with different coloured lights, on a parade down a street adorned with lighted decorations at night (possibly Blackpool). The vehicles are made to resemble various modes of transport - a rocket, a ship, and a paddleboat - all with advertisements. The next day there is an event involving trolley buses on overhead electric lines in Sheffield. It's a sunny day and passengers are being taken on trams labelled to various local destinations, like Millhouses, Malin Bridge, Royal Oak, with ticket collectors. The trams are of various colours - green, green and yellow, and blue and yellow, stripes - and of various types, including a single deck and an open decked tram. They run up and down a single track in both directions. A cliff face is in the background to where the trams are assembled in a large depot. Crowds of people make their way down the grass embankment to board the trams.

A large horse drawn carriage also arrives carrying a group of people, some in historic dress. There are also some old diesel driven buses. A crowd of people watch while a large balloon is inflated. There is a parade of old military vehicles, and of steam tractor engines. The film then shows a small cliff railway, followed by a paddle steamer and the ferry going over the Humber at Hull. A board displaying the prices for the ferry are shown (in old money), and for the sailing times.

The film then returns to what looks like Blackpool in the daytime, showing electric trams and some horse drawn carriages. One yellow single deck tram passes along the sea front with 'Fleetwood' as its destination. Some of the large rides at Blackpool are shown.

The Lord Mayor's Parade in Sheffield for 1976: a woman on a camel being led down a street (Fargate?), followed by a float for Sheffield Junior Chamber of Commerce. The parade is then shown, including a Boys' Brigade band, majorettes, a pony pulling a small cart for 'Ringtons Tea', and various other floats.

The final scene of the film takes place at an airport where planes are shown. This is followed by the ascent of Glenshee Chairlift, Scotland. An old red post office van is shown, followed by a car being loaded onto a ferry and then a small powerboat and Royal Navy helicopters. Then we see vehicles driving off Kylesku Ferry in Scotland.

End Title.