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A creative amateur travelogue of a marathon hike through the Yorkshire moors and dales in the 1930s, made by George and Norah Cummin. From their home in Newcastle upon Tyne, the couple travel to Swaledale and Wensleydale, visiting various North Yorkshire locations and attractions, including Richmond, Hawes, York, Knaresborough, Fountains Abbey and Rievaulx Abbey. They also tour the Yorkshire coast travelling to Runswick Bay, Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay and Scarborough. The film includes footage of the Ripon Hornblower in the ‘Setting the Watch’ ceremony. George and Norah Cummin were members of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA).

Title: Tramp Tramp Tramp [over shots of hikers’ feet, walking]

Title: A more or less accurate record of a ramble through Yorkshire.

George and Norah Cummin are seated in their living room, reading a newspaper. Beside the couple, Norah’s mother is knitting. Norah’s mother speaks.

Title: “Well, Norah, aren’t you going to tell me all about your hiking holiday. “

Norah replies.

Title: “Oh, it was fine. We hadn’t tried that kind of a holiday before but we set off quite boldly –

The family wave off Norah and George from the doorstep, the couple carrying small rucksacks. Both wear ‘L’ plates on their backs. [Out of focus] As they head up the road they turn and wave goodbye.

A travelling shot of railway tracks cuts to Norah looking out from a carriage window on the train.

Title: To Richmond in Swaledale.

Norah looks down onto the town of Richmond and its castle. There is a brief view of Richmond Castle keep from inside the castle ramparts.

Next, Norah strides along a country road beside a dry stone wall with country views of Swaledale. George crosses the River Swale on a suspension footbridge. He stops in the middle and looks down at the river.

Two small enamel signs attached to a pole holding a post box reads ‘Throwing stones at the telegraphs will be prosecuted’ and ‘G.R. Post No Bills’. A road sign points in the direction of Hawes. General view of a rural valley. Norah looks up at the road sign before moving off.

Title: The road to Hawes passes the famous Buttertubs, deep chasms in the hillside.

General views of a waterfall. Beside a dry stone wall, Norah sits looking out at the valley below her. George takes a break with a sandwich. Norah walks along a track with a view of the town of Hawes in the near distance. There are shots of the village green and houses in Hawes.

Title: We were now in Wensleydale, with its waterfalls and ancient castles.

Norah looks out over the River Ure as it flows over Aysgarth Falls. She walks along a country road towards Bolton Castle and a general view of the castle follows. Close-up of Norah’s feet walking along a track. She stands looking up at Hardraw Force, a waterfall on the Hardraw Beck in Hardraw Scar.There are views of water crashing down onto the rocks below.

Title: We stayed in some very charming places.

Low angle view of a stone house built on a hillside. Roses hang down from a trellised pathway. George is asleep under a blanket in a bathtub.

Title: Everyone was most hospitable. At one place, when they learned George was a crooner, they just wouldn’t let him go.

George sits with his legs in a set of stocks. 

Title: But he got away and we hastened to leave Wensleydale – by the Stake Pass.

There are views of George walking with a stick along a hillside country track. General views of Stake Pass looking down onto the tarn follow.

High up in the dales, George wearily hikes along country roads. On the hike, and dressed in a rainmac, George is suddenly bursting with energy and runs past the camera. he then takes a deserved rest on a bench outside a public house, raising a pint of beer and taking a big gulp.

Title: We arrive in York, en route for Knaresboro’ on a real summer day.

Norah stands briefly in a (faked) rain storm. Various views of York follow, including The Shambles, York Minister, Roman Wall, Monk Bar from High Petergate and The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall. From Monk Bar, the camera tilts up to reveal the towers of York Minster.

A brief shot shows a circular Automobile Association enamel road sign giving distances to Wetherby, Knaresborough, Harrogate and London.

General views follow of Knaresborough, looking from the River Nidd and the Knaresborough Viaduct. Exterior shot of the sandstone Chapel of Our Lady of the Crag.

Title: At the dropping well, there were some odd objects.

Various objects hang down from the petrifying well at Mother Shipton’s Cave, George cummin briefly in shot. Norah stands looking out across a ford in the road.

Title: Then on to Aldborough, to see the Roman pavements, laid some 1800 years ago.

General views of the mosaic pavement at Isurium Brigantum; the Aldborough Roman site.

The film cuts to a show a market cross built beside an ivy covered house with a set of stocks. A river flows under a stone bridge. Norah walks along a country road with a farm in the near distance.

Title: Like all explorers, we took an interest in the wild life of the district –

Norah pets two calves at a farm. Shots follow of a goat, sheep and lambs in the fields.

Title: - and George kept a very sharp lookout for signs of these animals.

A montage of pub signs sporting animals include the Three Bulls Free House, the Golden Tiger and the Bay Horse.

Title: A friendly shepherd gave us a demonstration of his dog’s skill –

A shepherd whistles to his border collie dog as they work together to herd a small flock of sheep. The sequence ends with Norah patting the dog.

Title: And in the park at Studley Royal, we stalked a herd of deer.

Norah watches a herd of deer through binoculars.

Title: The gardens at Studley Royal are beautiful, but its chief glory is stately Fountains Abbey.

General views of the Water Garden at Studley Royal showing classical statues and follies. Various shots of Fountains Abbey follow.

Title: So to Ripon, just in time for curfew, a centuries-old custom.

Standing in Ripon Market Place, a small crowd watch the Ripon Hornblower blowing the traditional curved horn from the four corners of the town obelisk to set the night watch.

Title: We now fancied a breath of sea air, so we crossed to the coast at Runswick Bay –

There is a close up of Norah’s feet climbing a set of steps followed by a profile of her face. The film cuts to show a view over Runswick Bay looking down from the cliffs.

Title: - and proceeded by cliffs and sands to Whitby.

Norah hikes to Whitby along the beach. George rides past on a horse. This is followed by Norah walking up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey.

Title: There are 199 steps up to Whitby Abbey. George’s estimate was 1066. 

George arrives at the top of the 199 steps. A general view of Whitby Abbey follows. George practices archery on a cliff top, shooting an arrow at a target.

Title: George did the archery practice because we decided to go to Robin Hood’s Bay that evening.

On a road out of Whitby, with the abbey and town in the distance, Norah turns and hikes off towards Robin Hood's Bay with one last look at the ruins of whitby Abbey in the background. The film cuts to a general view of Robin Hood's Bay, and of the narrow, steep cobbled streets in the village. The tide comes in quickly at Robin Hood’s Bay.

Title: From Robin Hood’s Bay to Scarborough is a very enjoyable sea-trip.

On board a boat, George looks unwell and feels seasick. On the bridge of the boat, two men in naval caps stand beside a third who is at the wheel of the boat. A sign hangs down that reads ‘Entrance to bar on the Saloon Deck’. General views of Norah standing on the deck looking out to sea. She smiles at the camera from a deckchair. Rocky travelling shots follow from the boat of Scarborough Castle and town.

Norah walks along a harbour wall in Scarborough. She then boards a bus. Travelling shots along the North Yorkshire coast road follow. Norah looks down on the town below.

Title: From Scarborough we went through pretty Thornton-le-Dale –

General views of the pretty village beside Thornton Beck.

Title: - to Pickering, where we took it easy for a day or two.

George is laying down in grass and Norah is in a swing. George goes fishing with a makeshift rod and catches the sole of a shoe. Norah laughs as she swings.

Title: Then on again, this time to Rievaulx, another of Yorkshire’s beautiful ruins.

A view looking down on a wooded area cuts to Norah walking along a country lane. In the distance a view of Rievaulx Abbey. General views of the abbey follow.

Title: And here, regretfully, we said goodbye to Yorkshire. Our holiday was Over.”

The film returns to the domestic scene that opened the film. Norah and her mother are talking.

Title: “But you have some pleasant memories of it, haven’t you? And you, George, what did you think most of?”

George is smoking a pipe and points down at his feet which are soaking in a bowl of water.

Title: Selo Safety Film. The End. Ilford Limited. Ilford. London.