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YFA 2622



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An informative National Coal Board Film which dramatises the potential safety hazards in a coal mine.

Showing footage of a mine, a narrator spots the safety hazards that are common in a coal mine, including untidiness and no guards on a machine.

Demonstrating the kinds of common accidents and injuries that can happen to a miner, is contrasted with real footage of miners who have had accidents and shows what their injuries look like. It includes a miner who lost all his fingers except his thumb by getting his hand trapped in a piece of machinery.

Director ELLITT, Jack
Production Company National Coal Board Film Unit
Sponsor National Coal Board
Producer GYSIN, Francis
Assistant Director NYBERG, Dan
Script ELLITT, Jack
Photography REID, John
Assistant Photographer EVANS, Roger
Editor GEMMELL, Laurel
Assistant Editor SAINSBURY, Ann
Sound GUBBINS, L. James