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NEFA 21399



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A married couple disagree on what present to buy for their son’s homecoming when the father, looking to recreate the lost hobby of his youth, has his heart set on a Hornby model train set. This short amateur fiction film was a Newcastle and District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) production, and was the cine club’s first 8mm production.

Credit: Newcastle on Tyne & District ACA Presents

Title: Training


Photography by Thos. Atkinson

Continuity Girl Doris Graham

Script by Leslie Greaves

Credit: Produced & Directed by Leslie Greaves

Credit: The Players

Mrs Porter-Brown - Norah Chalder

Mr Porter-Brown - G. R. Hanson

Reginald - Nicholas Chanlon

Friend Amelia - Doris Graham

Mary (The Maid) - Freyda Chanlon

Drinking Companion - Thos Atkinson

Shop Assistants - Mary Coppe, Lucy Anderson

A postwoman delivers a letter to No. 7, The Haven, then rings the house bell.

Inside the house, Mary, the maid, picks up the mail and takes it to Mrs Porter-Brown who is seated at the dining table. She opens the letter, looks delighted, and passes it to her husband. He reads the letter, which relays the news that their son Reginald has recovered and will be home soon. The letter mentions the presents suggested by his wife to celebrate her son’s return.

Mr Porter-Brown hands back the letter to his wife and holds his head in his hand. She picks up her catalogue for “Hygienic Toys”. She looks smug and shows him the catalogue. He pushes it away, looking disappointed. He takes out a Hornby Trains Catalogue from his own pocket. He shows her what he thinks they should buy for their son’s homecoming, smiling proudly. She shakes her head, pushing the catalogue away. She begins to talk up her idea. They argue. He stomps off, turns back at the door, walks back to grab his Hornby Trains Catalogue from the table. He waves it at her defiantly before he leaves. She looks dismayed. She starts to cry.

Title: The Same Night

Two glasses of whisky are placed on a bar. Mr Porter-Brown is in a pub with his friend. He’s obviously drunk. He downs his drink and loudly complains about his wife and tells his friend of their disagreement over a present for their son. He slams his hand on the bar angrily. He orders another two drinks. He is swaying on his feet when he tries to pay. The two quickly down their drinks. Close-up of two empty glasses on the bar.

The scene fades into a close-up of tea being poured into a cup. Mrs Porter-Brown is at her friend Amelia’s house. She stirs her tea and sips. She dabs at her tears. Her friend comforts her as they sit together on the sofa. Amelia is outraged and enthusiastically supports her friend. Mrs Porter-Brown shows her the catalogue for “Hygienic Toys”. They both agree that the toys would make the perfect presents for her son, Reginald.

Mrs Porter-Brown returns home from her friend’s house that night. She looks across the room and is outraged. Her husband is comatose on the sofa, looking drunk and dishevelled. She shouts at him and storms off in disgust. He wakes, still drunk, and tries to focus on the clock, unsuccessfully. It is nearly eleven in the evening. He struggles to his feet.

It’s now morning. Mr Porter-Brown sits down for breakfast. His wife pointedly ignores him. He looks at his Hornby Trains Catalogue. He pours his own tea, takes a sip, then races off to work.

Mr Porter-Brown is busy scribbling away at his work desk, where the clock reads five to four. He pauses to stare at the Hornby Trains Catalogue. He checks the clock. It’s 4pm. He decides to leave.

Title: His work is over – Mr Porter-Brown proceeds to fulfil an ambition –

General view of the Meccano and Hornby Train Centre shop window display, crammed with toys and models.

Inside the shop, two young female shop assistants look on, bemused, as Mr Porter-Brown plays with a Hornby train set like a big kid. One of the assistants makes wise cracks to her colleague. He looks at them scornfully. They stare back, sardonically. He calls to one of the assistants and points to elements of the train set he would like to purchase. The two assistants smile.

Mr Porter-Brown is now down on the living room carpet at home, playing with the Hornby train set. He blows a whistle and the model train travels along a track, derailed as it encounters a broken track.

His wife returns from a shopping trip. She is unhappy when she sees the train set laid out on the floor. He forcefully makes his point to his wife. She begins to unwrap her packages. She places one cuddly toy on top of another, the first a teddy bear. Husband and wife bicker over the selection of gifts.

Title: All right! We’ll let Reginald decide.

Close-up of husband and wife as they continue to argue. 

Title: Mary! Bring Reginald …

Mrs Porter-Brown calls the maid. The couple stand and wait for their son to settle the argument. Mr. Porter-Brown looks down sadly at his train set. The maid arrives with Reginald in her arms. The child is still just a baby.