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YFA 3545



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The film shows traffic congestion at various junctions in Sheffield city centre.

Roundabout. Town Hall

There are views outside the Town Hall where the traffic island now incorporates a flower bed. The film shows Fargate, the end of Leopold Street and the top of Surrey Street. Zebra crossings have been installed and a policeman is on duty to direct the traffic which includes trams and buses.

Roundabout. Corporation Street and West Bar

The first view is towards Snig Hill and includes the Don Cinema. A van has broken down and a recovery truck arrives. There is a glimpse of a single-deck tram and the top of Commercial Street is shown, followed by Gibraltar Street. Finally there is a view of the junction from West Bar Green.

Junction of - London Road and Queen's Road

Traffic is seen queuing along London Road towards Queen's Road with Lowfield School in the background.

Roundabout - Howard Street

On a wet and gloomy day the station can be seen from the Howard Street/Paternoster Row corner. This is followed by a similar view on a clear day when the Park Hill district can be seen behind the station.

Junction of - The Moor, Ecclesall Road, London Road

A policeman is on duty to control the traffic at the foot of the Moor and there are views up the Moor.

The Wicker

The first view is towards the city centre with the Wicker Cinema on the left, followed by one in the other direction showing traffic moving through the Wicker Arches and, finally, another towards Lady's Bridge.

Castlefolds Market - Broad Street, Exchange Street, Furnival Road


The film is believed to have been made for traffic survey purposes.


Transferred to Sheffield Libraries from the City Council's Publicity Department in 1985.