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NEFA 21897



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An amateur film made by Cyril Hall that focuses on a traction engine rally, possibly the Masham Steam Rally in North Yorkshire. As well as footage of the many engines no display, both full sized and models, the film records other activities taking place around the site including children enjoying the many fairground rides and a hot air balloon in the shape of a beer bottle flying through the sky. As well as steam power, including a steam powered thresher, the film also includes footage of a vintage car rally travelling along a winding road and traditional farming taking place near Holme-on-Spalding-Moor in East Yorkshire where a team of horses plough, harrow and roller a field.

The film opens on views of various traction engines, a steam wagon and vintage vehicles making their way slowly around a show field as part of a rally. The liveries on some of the vehicles can be seen including ‘J.W. & E Whitwell & Sons’, ‘H.P. & E. Thompons & Sons’ and ‘D&S Denham. Newbrough’.

A crowd watch as a motorcycle stunt man drives through a pile of burning debris.  A fire engine comes into view and the firefighters put out a burning car. A steam crane appears, lifts and takes the wreck of the car away.

In a field views of a farmer as he works with a team of horses to plough the ground. The film changes to show a working model of a traction engine sitting on a plinth. Next to it is a model of a steam threshing machine; the livery painted on it reads ‘Foster Lincoln’. The film returns to the field and views of a number of men using teams of horses to work a harrow and field roller.
A small crowd watch as men load wheat or other grain into a steam-powered threshing machine. There are a number of close up views of the traction engine gears and of a man filling sacks with processed grain.

At a steep bend in a country road, a crowd watch as a number of vintage cars turn, slowing at the bend, and continue along the road.

The film cuts to show a number of traction engines, a caterpillar tractor and other industrial vehicles driving past on a showground, possibly part of the Masham Steam Rally in North Yorkshire. On the showground, men in historical military uniforms load and then fire a cannon a number of times. They walk off the showground pulling their cannon with them.

The film changes to show children enjoying a ride on a carousel. A steam-powered crane drives past followed by general view of a fairground with a big wheel in the background and a mini wheel in the foreground.  

As part of a steam rally, a number of working model steam engines are displayed on the ground. People sit next to their machines. A full sized traction engine drives slowly across a showground fading to show a marching band performing for the crowd.
Children play happily on a bouncy castle followed by one young boy trying to stay on a bucking bronco. Back on the showground two-motorcycle stunt men ride their bikes through a ring of fire.

From an elevated position a view of a caravan site beside the showground where the traction engines and fairground can be seen. Two young boys speed down a grassy bank aboard a wheeled buggy followed by general views of a traction engine and rides at the fair.

An escape artist is hoisted into the air by a crane where he begins to make his escape from his chains. Back at the fairground general views show children enjoying the various rides including dodgems and a swing boat ride.

A parachutist comes into land followed by a man taking a few swings with a golf club. Two boys walk towards camera away from the caravan park. The film cuts to show a hot air balloon in the shape of a beer bottle climbing into and flying through the air.  

A parade of traction engines makes their way around a showground followed by a juvenile jazz band marching onto the show field. A Tetley horse-drawn wagon parades around the showground and the film ends with views of the hot air balloon seen previously in the shape of a beer bottle rising into the air and flying away. The livery on the balloon can now be seen which reads ‘Solzer Pils'.