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NEFA 22297



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Amateur film of Newcastle upon Tyne's Hoppings fair at the Town Moor and the race meeting at Gosforth Park in June 1936 by Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association member S. J. Rosslyn Smith.

At the start of the Hoppings fair, showpeople from the Ling family haul in trucks carrying the ‘Ben Hur’ Ark ride pulled by steam traction engine, the vehicles stuck in the muddy ground of the Town Moor, Newcastle.

A young showgirl smiles as she looks out from the back of her travelling caravan. An old woman is cooking on a stove outside her own travelling caravan.

A thrilling new dive bomber ride with twin cars on a rotating arm is in action. People enjoy a chair-o-plane while a Collins family truck stands in the background. There are big crowds strolling down the central avenue of the Hoppings. The dive bomber and Ark ride are shown again. A father and son slide down the Helter-Skelter. A black American show woman dances, laughing, enticing in punters to a show. A Wild West show lead by William Shufflebottom, aka Texas Bill, performing under the name Colorado's Troupe are running through a lasso routine to attract people into their show. Visitors ride in the swingboats and on the Corporation Thriller.

A clown emerges from a show and acknowledges the camera. There’s some interest in the Wild West show advertising ‘The Great Indian Torture’. Another side show presents ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ and ‘Horrors of the Jungle’. A mother hangs on to the hand of her young blonde-haired daughter. A monkey is chained to a miniature car at another sideshow, attempting to chew his way out.

Toddlers are riding on a child’s galloper with a larger galloper ride also attracting visitors. A Micky and Minnie mouse mural decorates a booth. Children are riding in some traditional swingboats and on a carousel with animal models. Adults and children are enjoying the dodgems as the carousel turns faster and faster. Friends at the fairground take a turn on the waltzer, the mechanical swingboats, and the Helter-Skelter.

In the next sequnce, there's a panoramic view of the Gosforth Park races, probably the Northumberland Plate, also known as the Pitmen's Derby. The crowd mills around placing bets. The stands are packed with people. Horses are led out and go for a warm-up ride. A card sharp plies his trade with the punters. The jockeys now line up their horses for the start of a race, and they’re off. Footage follows of the race.